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Trampled By Turtles, (TBT) a modern Bluegrass band fronted by Dave Simonett from Duluth MN. Starting as a side project for the original members,
"...But as time went on, all those bands split and this band was all that was left. I was dead broke and left with just my acoustic guitar, after someone stole my electric guitar and my amp while loading out gear after the last show with my previous band. And like I said, the other bands were gone, and all my gear was gone, so this just naturally happened.”

Six albums. The last three (Duluth, Palomino and Stars and Satellites) have hit the top 10 in the Bluegrass charts. The latest album Stars and Satellites has just entered the overall top Billboard charts at number 32. (Simultaneously entering the charts as the #13 Rock Album, #7 Independent Album, #11 Alternative Album, and #2 Folk Album).

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak and Duluth Mayor Don Ness declared 4/11 TBT day and then went crowd surfing.

The Turtles are scheduled to play David Letterman tonight after Tom Waits had to cancel. Then after a few more shows on the road, back to Duluth for their annual Homegrown Music Festival show.

And now, some music: Codeine, Victory, November, Alone. and one song from Simonett's "other" side project Nicotine by Dead Man Winter.
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I just got turned on to these guys via Pandora (Wait So Long) and snapped up "Palomino." Love it and fully intend to grab their other works.
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Friend, that's some motherfucking banjo playing.
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I just heard about these guys on MetaFilter in the past few weeks. Lots of fun.

I think fellow Minnesotan Pat Donohue does a version of "Codeine," too…or is that "Novocaine"? Never mind….
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I love these guys. They turned me on to a lot of the NuGrass (progressive bluegrass) music that's out there now.

My favorite: Wait So Long . All the sound of bluegrass with the speed and ferocity of punk.
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I started listening to Trampled by Turtles when I first read an article that described their sound as "thrashgrass".

Somehow I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.
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I saw these guys open for Devil Makes Three a while back at the Independent here in San Francisco. They totally stole the show (for me, anyway) - just fucking killed it.

Thanks for the post, too. Good to know a little backstory on them, and see them reach a wider audience. They totally deserve it.
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Then there's Trashgrass.
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A bunch of my friends are just obsessed with this band, and the few songs that I've heard are great. I just feel like "Trampled by Turtles" is the "Rooty-Tooty Fresh 'N Fruity" of band names - such an awful name that I'm embarrassed to say it out loud.
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We seem to be an unusual breeding ground per capita of music here (in Duluth). Right now I'd say TBT is the hot ticket, but Low is not far behind (and was the standout for many years). Retribution Gospel Choir is getting some national play, Charlie Parr always sells out where he goes, Tim Kaiser is known within select circles as he goes about nationally, and on and on.
Huh never thought of it as a bad name, anyone else?
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So sad they'll be in Asheville this week, but won't make it to Merlefest. But for progressive bluegrass, I'm so excited to see Bela Fleck and the Original Flecktones there on Friday!
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I heard Dave's brother works for the CIA when he’s not doing time.

Anyway, even a Bluegrass band has to write a War Pigs type song at some point. Some just do it before they make it big.
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The Letterman gig!
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I was listening to Palomino just the other day. TBT marks the first time ever in my life of buying an album after hearing a band on A Prairie Home Companion which generally has the most god-awful music.
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