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A couple years ago, we had our Choice of Dragons and of Broadsides. Since then, the authors have released Choice of the Vampire, in which your newly made vampire (potentially a Lestat type, but just as likely a Creole watchmaker or an illiterate backwoodsman) navigates the 19th Century American South; the fantasy diptych Choice of Romances and Choice of Intrigues, in which your initial choices determine the gender normativity of the game world as well as the temperament of your hero; and, most recently, Choice of Zombies, a fleet game that concentrates on action, relationships, and high-stakes decisions.
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I love these games. I've always tried to find all the possible endings, but never can be sure I've gotten them.
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Failing like mad with Firefox. Is this a chrome-only thing?
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Working for me in Firefox.
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Dan Fabulich, the guy behind Choice of Games, is also the organizer of the Bay Area Interactive Fiction Meetup. IF fans in the Bay Area should check it out.
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These are great! Thanks for posting.
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If anyone reading this hasn't played a bunch of these games, they are fun, cleverly structured, replayable, rewarding, and short enough that they do not gobble your time like some games. Try them, you will be glad.*

*actual gladness likely, but not guaranteed.
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I'm really enjoying this! And I'm looking forward to the others as well. Thanks for letting me know about them.
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Oh, hey, thanks for this! I played and enjoyed Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides back when they were featured on the blue, but I didn't keep up with the authors. (Tsk tsk.) Looking forward to trying the others.
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I always find myself being able to sink way too much time into these.
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Is "fleet game" a term I should know?
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"Fleet" was me on Friday morning reaching for an adjective to express Zombie's comparatively fast pace. If you're looking for an actual Fleet Game, try Choice of Broadsides or Apex Patrol.
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Aha! A (fleet) (game), not a (fleet game). It is indeed. When I got to the part where you choose a boat I experienced a completely incorrect flash of clarity.
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Unsurprisingly, I'm better at navigating complex 19th century vampire court politics then age of exploration naval fleets.
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