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Physics Games is a collection of browser games that all have at least a rudimentary physics model. Some of the games I've enjoyed are Roly Poly Eliminator, Totem Destroyer 1 & 2, Demolition City and Red Ball. Most are fairly simple but some are complex, notably IncrediBots 1 & 2, which might as well require an engineering degree (slight hyperbole). My absolute favorite type of game on this site is the destroy-castles-with-a-trebuchet game, handsomely represented by not one but three games, Castle Clout, Castle Clout: Return of the King (no Tolkien connection) and Crush the Castle. All this is but a small sample of what's on offer.
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Incredibots has been posted previously to the Blue.
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Fortunately, I had very little work scheduled for today.
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Crush the Castle is pretty good. Note that the author is using the Chipmunk physics engine.
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Totem destroyer was the first flash game that ever compelled me to play to the end. Good fun.
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^ Totem Destroyer 2 is a lot better :)
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Argh, LVL 28 totem destroyer is killing me.
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Demolition City is great for early morning grumpy and lack of timing. It'll have you twisting in your seat as the as the buildings totter on the brink of falling. (note: dynamite explodes in the sequence you place the charges.)
$254,311 = Long Lost Loizeaux
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What, no Gravitee?
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What is with Demolition City? I get the opening screen with the "Play" button. Clicking "Play", though, gets me nothing but a big white square. All the other games play just fine.
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Spent an enjoyable morning beating Demolition City. The last level wasn't so tough at all; second-to-the-last was actually more of a challenge.

My son is taking Adv. Physics this year in high school, I'll have to point him to this thread. Thanks!
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One great thing about working with physics/physicists is that I can actually claim that I am working while screwing around with these. And be a) credible and b) not entirely lying! It salves my conscience, it does....
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I enjoyed demolition city. Wierd how after a few level you get an instinct and stop having to think or trail-and-error so much.
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Another vote for excellent Totem Destroyer, thanks for the link @troy.
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Pretty sure we've seen Crush the Castle here before, too. That's okay, though. It's rather fantastic.
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So it has, by solipsophistocracy this May.
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must... stop... playing... crush the castle
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Demolition City is also a redux. Research, people!
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must... stop... playing... crush the castle

I would have the head of the mentally deficient engineer who designed some of those fortresses.
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"So you think this is the safest place, up here on the very top parapet"

"Indeed, my liege, the enemy will never think to lob stones up onto the top of the castle."

"And I see that you haven't used mortar to bind these stones together..."

"No worries, your majesty, I have carefully designed this structure such that mortar is unnecessary. Everything is in perfect balance."
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I kind of can't stop playing Castle Clout. I've been playing it for weeks and weeks. So thank you for this, where I can find other games that will ruin my life.
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Muh... meh.... mmmmmuhhhhhh! GODDAMN RED BALL! Gotta bounce on those platforms juuuuust so!

(I dig the music, though, and its fun if oh so frustrating!)
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