Free Comics. What's not to love?
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Free Comic Book Day is back again! (Previously.) It's the one day a year when comic book stores in North America and around the world will be handing out free books -- mainly as an attempt to lure new readers to the genre. Some shops do signings, too. See you at the comic book shops on May 5th!
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Four or five years ago the free comic I got was a sample chapter from What It Is by Lynda Barry (who somehow I had not heard of before, shamefully), which is one of the very best books I've ever read.

So I think free comic book day is the very best of days
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Eager for the Mouse Guard installment!
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I have a collection of mobile apps for tracking new comic releases & nearby brick & mortar shops (Fresh Comics) so I threw together a Google Map of the FCBD events around the world that I could find for my database. 2012 should be a good year for free comics. If I've missed any that you know of, I'd love to add them to the map. This has been a somewhat last-minute effort, but I'm working to get as comprehensive coverage as possible by the time Saturday rolls around: Fresh Comics 2012 FBCD Map

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Best. Holiday. Ever.
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Hmm, what's the difference between the "Gold books" and the "Silver books"?

Nothing to the reader. They offer the retailers different incentives and bonuses for ordering them. Yes, the retailer has to pay for them.
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Hmm, what's the difference between the "Gold books" and the "Silver books"?

I haven't been into a comic book store since the 1990s, but if I remember rightly it described the colour of the limited edition foil on a special issue.

There may be embossing.
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As beaucoupkevin said, these books are free for you, the reader, but the shop owner pays for them. So if you go and pick up some free books, please also make an actual purchase.
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YAY! Thanks for alerting me. FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!
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