Go right, my child.
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Go right. [SLYT] [via]
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This is supposedly a complete listing of all the videogames shown in the link.
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Recognized probably 99% of those.

Use of Metroid and later Castlevanias is questionable, otherwise: cool video.
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I just saw my entire childhood flash before my eyes...nicely done.
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Go Left.
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Suddenly the popularity of Extreme Right Wing politics in the USofA makes more sense...
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it's suppose to say "i'm sorry, but the princess is in another castle" at the end.
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Oh, I forgot about Umihara Kawase. Such a cute game and so nonsensical. Why does that girl want to put everything in her backpack? How can a fishhook be thrown like a ninja grappling thing? Why do all the eels have giant testicles?

Love it.
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16-bit era pixel art is so beautiful. Also, I liked the choice of filming a monitor with these games on it, as opposed to just doing a screen capture. I felt like the camera shakes added something, a greater sense of movement or urgency, perhaps.
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Wow, this video is AMAZING. Thanks for posting!
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Back in the day, we went left.
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Go right!
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Back in the day, we went up.
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Commander Keen! Out Of This World!

but no Abe's Oddyssee...
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Almost made me tear up. Thanks!
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That was fantastic.

I felt a deeply viceral reaction to many of the characters as they flashed across the screen. I think it's odd that only in the last decade or so have critics outside of videogames started talking and thinking of videogames as a real medium of storytelling. When, since I first played pitfall, I've been immersed in these stories in ways that rival some of the best novels I've ever read. Videogames have always been a beautiful medium of storytelling, it's easy to forget that it's been done long before Peter Molyneux started breaking my heart by bolting on all kinds of crap to his games in the name of making the game immersive.

I was swinging over pits by vines and dodging crocodiles on the atari, I didn't need a husband or a dog or a god damn Creepy and Cute parts pack to make the game worth playing. Just write a compelling story and let me play it. Or, like minecraft, give me the tools to tell my own story and stay the hell out of my way.

I know it's not a sidescroller, but my god, there were parts in Okami that I actually choked up while playing.
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Curiously moving.
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Snatched from the YT vid's comments: "Only villains go left"
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