It's my life and my dream.
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Yes. Yes it is.
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Well, that was something.
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That was fairly amazing.

I also enjoyed the juxtoposition of the top dream on the "Dream board": "Bang Lindsay Lohan" and the last: "Find my own Edward Cullen".
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I did not get to "Sing with Right Said Fred". From now on, my dreams are my own.
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I can't be the only one who ran Balki into all the obstacles and chuckled throatily while doing so.
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Well, that was something.
Took the words right out of my mouth...
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"Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Now" is a new the most inspiring and heart-warming Flash game of all time.

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Yes I was completely filled with awe
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Ok, also, I want to combine this with Robot Unicorn Attack and then the universe will implode into an 80's rainbow SQUEE.
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Unplug the tubes... the Internet has been won.
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Don't be ridiculous!
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Now we are so happy, we do the dance of joy!
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Damn, I thought it was going to be a game of Piggy
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"make breakfast for a rainbow hippogriff"

JHarris, are you shipping Dash and Gilda again?
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This reminds me of my own "Perfect Strangers" game, created with mefite dubold back when we were working together. Basically, in normal conversation, you mention an old Perfect Strangers episode, and start making up a non-existent plot until somebody "remembers" the episode. FOr people of a certain age, it's shockingly effective. Case in point, when dubold was explaining the game to his wife that night:

mrs. dubold: so like if I bring up the one where Balke wanted to be a rock star so they started making a music video in the apartment and-
dubold: yeah, but you don't use real ones. You make them up.
mrs. dubold: I was making that up.
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Jason Rohrer, I'm hoping against hope that you play this and learn something about how games can make us *feel* more human.
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While playing this game, is the urge to hurl myself out of a second story building normal?
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"make breakfast for a rainbow hippogriff"
JHarris, are you shipping Dash and Gilda again?

I am confused, yet intrigued, by this statement.
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Someday, I will achieve my dream of "Playing a flash game based on Perfect Strangers"
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I wished for "see Scarlet Johannson nude" and then, when I was done with the game, I googled that same phrase and my dream came true.

Thank you internet!
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I see this is going viral. Hollywood film in 3, 2,1...
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Well slap me on my ass and call me Wanda.
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This game made me spontaneously remember the "Perfect Strangers" Bibbi-babka episode, which my nine-year-old self loved even though it was clear to me even at that young age that it was little more than a thinly-veiled ripoff of the candy-factory episode of "I Love Lucy."
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Get out of the city!
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Despite having not seen the show since it first aired, I knew all the words to the theme song. I am strangely proud of this.
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I came in expecting Starship. I arrived getting Perfect Strangers. I'm pleasantly surprised!
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Thank you for this. Between me actually getting pissed off that my cable has been pixelating and interrupting sound from sitcoms that I don't even like and playing this game, I have realized that I am on a downward spiral that Balki is powerless to stop, despite the earworm power of that horrid, horrid song.

I will lead a new life. I will modify my views. I will preach goodness, perhaps join the church. I will lead a righteous life. Devote myself, as I did in my childhood, to my singing.
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There has to be a word for this surreal mashup of cultural detritus.
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Metafilter: this surreal mashup of cultural detritus.
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Horribly, being confronted by this game's initial query made me realize that I don't really have a realizable dream. I have no fucking clue what I'd do if somebody gave me a magic wand. So I threw down the "life goal" a friend offered me years ago when I asked them what I should do with my life... and having attained 100% star collection it is now my destiny to become the "Henry Miller of science fiction". So I guess I need to... fucking abandon my family now? This isn't actually going to work out is it? Back to the I Ching I guess...
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After nearly achieving my dream of eating a bald eagle I browsed through some other people's dreams and was confronted with the completely unsurprising "motorboat Christina Hendricks" right next to the seriously worrying "live forever and never be depressed again". So, yeah, this was something.
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The only thing that is missing are the vehicle sequences guest-starring Streethawk and the Autocar.
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So this flash dealie got me to thinking about where Bronson Pinchot is these days (for a moment I had him confused with a Bond), which let me to how page on Wikipedia. He's kept busy in various things, but he's not really been in anything bigger than Young and the Restless. That got me to thinking, this guy could use a comeback.

I think it should be a cameo in some sitcom, where a character comes in to see someone working in middle management somewhere, or as a generally success government employee. IT should just come out in conversation that this is Balki Bartakomos, completely nationalized and without accent, who probably by now has to support his deadbeat cousin Larry who lost his job exposing some scandal.

Yeah, this kind of thing happens to me often. There's probably a name for my condition, "forgotten 80s sitcom fantasy disease" or something like that.
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Getting into the spirit of this, instead of running through the next door, I jumped through it. And instead of landing on the other side of the door, I found myself flying. For just a moment it felt like the game had noticed my exuberance and decided to just let me take flight. That is, it felt awesome.
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So this flash dealie got me to thinking about where Bronson Pinchot is these days

He has followed in the footsteps of Vanilla Ice, and moved onto restoring old houses in his hometown, and after a decade or so of that, was offered his own home improvement show.

No, really.

Really really.
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Big Strangers fan here. In my anti-formative years (high school), a friend and I were distraught when hapless Larry Appleton (App-LEE-tun) and zany Balki suddenly disappeared from the local network's jam-packed schedule. So, in a fit of social activism we wrote a petition to get the show back on the air. A surprising number of people were willing to sign the document, and yes, it was back sometime later, but I recall being too disaffected to do the dance of joy.
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Off topic, but I just realized that, ever since I typed "LOOK MIRROR" into some Scott Adams-ish adventure game running on a TRS-80 on display in a supermarket and was astonished by receiving a description of "myself" in the game (my mind was blown by this new concept of having a sort of "self" inside a computer game), I think my favorite moments in video games are when the game reacts in an unexpectedly realistic or appropriate way to something I do -- whether it's a text parser that knows more verbs than I thought, a hidden secret behind a wall that looked like something I wasn't intended to pass, a physics model that unexpectedly allows that crazy idea to work, ostensibly static scenery that actually functions--or breaks, swimming "too far out" so that the skybox illusion started to break and then realizing it wasn't just a skybox, a character that notices and comments on whether or not I killed anyone in the previous level, or even the momentary illusion that a game noticed I had jumped instead of walked through a door and responded by letting me take flight.
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I think the internet broke it. Not loading.
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The DNS entry for that site now points to localhost. Took me a while to figure out why I kept getting the site I'm developing...
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I feel so much better about myself now. Plus, I'm having weird flashbacks to high school Spanish class, where La Profesora let us watch Perfect Strangers for part of class on Fridays so we could better understand being a cultural outsider in a strange land...
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I don't post on Facebook much, but it still surprises me that sharing this game has had the most (mostly positive) feedback of anything I've posted on my wall that wasn't about me. I guess I've ended up with the proper friends throughout my life.

Three days later, I still think this is just fantastic. I've also spent, because of the game play, too much time wondering if Balki Bartakomos is more Sonic (hyper) or Mario (catchphrases delivered with funny accent)

I'm also considering buying a crappy house so Branson Pinchot might restore it.
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Is my DNS server (RCN) uniquely borked? I'm still getting 'Site down', and from an nslookup.
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