Howard the duck hasn't been feeling well lately,
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Howard the duck hasn't been feeling well lately, but when I was growing up, in the 70s, I thought the HTD comic book was great literature. I don't read comics anymore, but I recently stumbled across Steve (Howard's creator) Gerbers' website and was amused by his explanation re: Howard's new appearance (scroll down to last interview question).
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Howard the Duck...Wasn't he in Hudson Hawk?

Bless you. grumblebee. for this pointless morale boosting post
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Great post. I found the interview riveting. First the Banzai post, now this? Could it be a trend towards linking to things that are interesting instead of just recreating news portals? Let's hope so.

Howard the Duck rocked my world when I was a kid. I'll be in line to buy the new series.
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Grumblebee. Thank you.

I love the background info on Disney redesigning the character, Marvel must have been pretty scared of litigation with the big D. I don't think there's much risk that the new Howard will be accused of looking too much like Mickey Mouse.
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When I was a kid, Howard the Duck #16 was the first time I came across the concept of someone who really didn't give a fuck. Gerber was travelling across country, moving from New York to Las Vegas, so instead of an actual story, he posted short essays back to the New York office and various illustrators du jour did pictures.

Features a Las Vegas chorus girl and an ostrich battling a killer lampshade in the Obligatory Comic Book Fight Scene.

And I was just wondering the other day whether I ought to put my HtDs into some kind of safe storage box (that said, when I was a kid I had a special box for rare books, first issues, that sort of thing and promptly lost the box), so it's good to see they're reprinting them.

But, my god, it's twenty-five years...
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I think Gerber eventuall turned that Ostrich and Chorus girl illustration into the Nevada miniseries.
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No wait....

It's a joke, a parody of the need for gratuitous violence in every issue of a comic-book, grabbing at the first three things that came into his head and putting them together for comic effect...

...isn't it? can tell that I haven't been giving the comic-book industry my full attention for the last twenty years or so, but when he says at the end of HtD #16 (in a critical fan-letter to himself) "When is the Las Vegas Chorus Girl going to get her own book?" I thought he was kidding...

Tell me, in the Nevada thing, does the ostrich turn into a road-block, the lampshade die and the chorus-girl become one with her head-dress and get elevated to goddesshood ("like every other comic mag")?

And one look at that new cover and I thought "Stewart the Rat". But everybody seems to have forgotten about that, so I suppose I should too.

Very glad to see Gene Colan is still with us.
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