Music Video Made From Video Music
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We've seen musical video mashups before, but what happens when you cross the infectious, subliminal grooves of Meat Beat Manifesto with found video clips? You get THE FORGER. Check out these videos: Forgery! - Michael Jackson Bumbaclot Element - My Son The DJ The Forger - The Good The Bad And The Forger. Core Grooves/Breakdown - Another Breakdown - The Bumbaclot Upset - Musica Soul (Via Waxy and Dangerous Minds)
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I was confused on the MBM link, until reading the Dangerous Minds post:
Nearly a year ago, someone called The Forger—who we’re thinking is a composite character of videographer Ben Stokes and rhythm master Jack Dangers, both of Meat Beat Manifesto—started releasing beat videos that looped, sampled, layered and scratched up found footage of subjects both unknown and iconic.
It's not sampling MBM music, but sample-based music made by the minds behind Meat Beat Manifesto.
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MBM are awesome and you should feel awesome.

Reminds me a little of the Emergency Broadcast Network.
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All of The Forger's videos are also up on Meat Beat Manifesto's vimeo channel. This Drum Test isn't labeled as The Forger, perhaps due to some subtle distinction known only to it's creators. I'm glad I live in a world with Jack Dangers in it.
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1993 just called and THANK GOD I WAS THERE TO ANSWER. This is amazing.
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Oh, and I didn't link one of the Forger tracks, so you could find it on your own.
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Slightly on subject, "Mash Up" bad lip reading of Bruno Mars/Lady Gaga/Jay-Z here.
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What Sticherbeast said. EBN immediately came to mind. GET DOWN!
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I think we would be remiss to not mention Kutiman in this thread.
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