Breaks and Beats from Tino Corp CEO, Tino, and just in time for the holidays!
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"Hello friends, my name is Tino. Do you like the drums? Great man! I love them!" As CEO and principal artist, Tino launched [Tino Corp] the label with a series of instructional albums called Tino's Breaks, which teach a new style of drumming with each installment. Straight from their factory to you, six volumes of breaks, from mambo (YT) and dub (YT), to hallowe'en music (YT) and Christmas dubs (Grooveshark).

No one puts the "fun" in functional like Tino, the action-figure alter ego of breakbeat mavens Ben Stokes (DHS), Jack Dangers (Meat Beat Manifesto), and Mike Powell (Bo Square), who graces the covers of all Tino Corp. albums and gets the credit for the multifarious breaks and beats contained within. Although these albums are primarily intended for use as raw material by DJs, they are also all genuinely fun listening experiences. Unlike most breaks-and-beats collections, they develop themes and proceed more or less logically from track to track, just like real albums! Vol. 4 in the acclaimed Tino's Breaks series focuses on Cuban and Brazilian percussion, with lots of fun vocal samples and some virtuosic conga playing.
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More Tino, streaming on Grooveshark:

* Tino's Breaks vol. 1
* Tino's Breaks vol. 2
* Tino's Breaks vol. 3: Christmas (alternative link to the one above)
* Tino's Breaks vol. 4: Mambo
* Tino's Breaks vol. 5: Dub (with the wrong cover image)
* Tino's Breaks vol. 6: Hallowe'en Dub
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Mind you, the "just in time for the holidays" line is a lark - these albums are about a decade old
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I can never see the words 'hello friends' without hearing that sample in my mind.
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Hopefully I can make that a more prevalent problem.
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I don’t really know what Grooveshark is, but I tried to go to their site and got an endless loop of pop ups saying "we don’t like your browser" and "we don’t like your Flash blocker". Hey, that’s funny, I don’t care for your site. Whatever they're selling, I’m sure I can live without.
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Tino without the rest of Frozen Embryos is like Sting without the rest of The Police.
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bongo_x, sorry 'bout that. I tried to find a convenient source to stream the music, but no (easy) luck. I was able to get Firefox to work with the site after allowing a few sites to get through NoScript.
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Please, I’m not blaming you. I’m glad you posted this as I’ve never heard of them. I went to emusic and bought a few of them. The #5, the dub one, is really good.
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Nice, thanks for posting!
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