The Second Android Coming of Philip K. Dick
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To understand the reasoning behind the android and why this particular science fiction author, above others, was chosen...

read our article, Why Philip K Dick?

2004: a team of roboticists and designers built a functional robotic likeness of Philip K. Dick. (previously)

2005: Hanson Robotics shows the PKD android at Wired's NextFest

in 2006, the android vanished en route to a meeting with Google employees.

2010: Another robot is built, in collaboration with Dutch public broadcaster VPRO. Hardware for "New Phil" is completed, and the robot is functioning by 2011.

via Claire L. Evans' UNIVERSE (previously) Claire wrote an article for VICE's Motherboard on the project, and posted her interview with Dr. Andrew Olney here on her blog.
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From "the android vanished" link:
In Blade Runner, set in a Los Angeles of 2019, Harrison Ford plays Rick Deckhard, a Blade Runner or policeman whose job is to track down and terminate escaped human clones known as "replicants."
It's AFP, but still, Deckard, and androids, not clones.
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Why Philip K Dick?

Because They Can Build Him?

in 2006, the android vanished

One of our androids is missing!
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Why Philip K Dick?

Because They Can Build Him?

"Better, faster, stronger, more paranoid..."
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Why Philip K Dick?

To guarantee a second model.
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I've always wondered of PKD would be tickled by this or horrified.
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I've always wondered of PKD would be tickled by this or horrified.

I think that he would see the possibilities for dark humour ...
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"My mommy doesn't hate me! Because I'm special! And unique! Because there's never been anyone like me before, ever! Mommy loves Martin because he is real, and when I am real Mommy's going to read to me and tuck me in my bed and sing to me and listen to what I say and she will cuddle with me and tell me every day a hundred times a day that she loves me!"
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Has anyone ever come across a more thorough bit of reportage on the circumstances of the disappearance? I mean, it is one of those incidents that borders on "too good to be true," although "good" here may best be regarded as meaning "strange and with enduring publicity value."

From a personal perspective, I've been curious about how such a thing could occur. Did the robot travel in a case in the luggage, or in a seat as a "passenger?" Hope to hear more!
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My BS meter is pegging. I am willing to believe animatronics have progressed and this could be puppetry but android? Is it live or is it Memorex?
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I recall seeing the android once, I think at the IIS building, or maybe Dunn Hall. I can't recall the occasion.

I remember speaking to Olney not too long after the android disappeared. [ And if you're reading this, Andrew, it was in Lee M.'s office. ] Crushed is a good way to put it. You seemed crushed. And pissed. Pissed that somehow one coud manage to lose something like the head of an talking Philip K. Dick android.
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