Jobs Skills Tester???
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Jobs Skills Tester??? Not sure about how the employment stuff works but you can test your skills at various stuff... i had fun for 10 minutes checking out how my unix skills were (only 78% on the quick test) oh well... you have to register but there's no email password crap to take the tests. Over 100 different tests from ASP to XML.
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Great timing! I just got laid off today and I'll be needing to check my proficiency in some of my advertised skeelz.


...And if anyone in the Denver Metro area knows of an opening for a sharp, talented Java Engineer: my resume.
posted by BoatMeme at 1:14 PM on October 19, 2001

Is it just me, or do all these questions seem extremely easy? I was able to score over 80% on topics that I only knew reasonably well...
posted by esch at 2:07 PM on October 19, 2001

My favorite:

"20. True or False:

If you use CSS to write your pages, there will be absolutely no differences in the visual representation between Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer."

posted by scottandrew at 2:28 PM on October 19, 2001

i thought the unix test was easy, just blew 2 questions because i was talking on the phone while taking it... oh well i was able to kill a little time until beer thirty :-)
posted by tilt at 2:29 PM on October 19, 2001

The site doesn't seem to work worth a damn with IE 5.1.2/Mac OS X. Jscript errors balk when I try to answer the first question.

Speaking of the first question, in the "Perl 5 Quick Quiz", they want to know what output this produces:

@list=(17, 2, a, Z, 5.6);
print "@sort_list";

They give five choices, all of which are wrong. (17 appears second, last, and third in their options, while it would show up first.)
posted by bumppo at 2:59 PM on October 19, 2001

Bumppo - I noticed the same thing - they assume things about the DOM. <cynic>Want to bet it works fine in the IE6/Win32 which was the only thing their web developer tested with?</cynic>

The first question for the ASP 3 quick test is random, but the first one I got was "Which of the following symbols do you use to join two strings in ASP?" and the second was "Which programming language is the basis of ASP?". Somehow I don't believe they're testing deep understanding...
posted by adamsc at 9:56 PM on October 19, 2001

And I'm no expert on anything web-related ('cept surfing MeFi), but I managed to squeak out a 60% on some of the MS mini-tests.
posted by davidmsc at 12:08 PM on October 20, 2001

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