The Most Beautiful Work of All
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This letter from Patti Smith to Robert Mapplethorpe written 22 years after they met and when he was dying from AIDS , was never delivered. The link to her reading it last fall is heartwrenching and filled with the love of old friends.
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Wow. I recommend the book "Just Kids" as well.
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Smith just interviewed Neil Young at Book Expo America as well.
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Two of my favorite artists. Patti really can express herself beautifully through words. Robert was one of the finest photographers to ever ply the craft.

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All I know about Robert Mapplethorpe is that he introduced me to fisting.
Well, the concept of fisting.

(I haven't read it, but I have purchased two copies for people and seconding what Jikido says about Just Kids based on the reactions of those I got it for.)
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Not sure if it's washed up on these shores yet, but here's Patti Smith in conversation earlier this year (on CBS Sunday Morning; full video about an hour). So wonderfully engaging and down to earth.
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I read Just Kids, and it's a good book, but I came out of it with a worst impression of Patti Smith than I had coming in. Her prose writing is not very good and she takes herself so fucking seriously it's maddening. Her sense of humor is non-existent.

Nevertheless, her story with Mapplethorpe is probably one of the great love stories of the 2nd half of the 20th century. I just hope someone else writes about it one day, or maybe she comes across an editor that's not starstruck.
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I just hope someone else writes about it one day,

I hear Michael Bay is developing a film.
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I think I got something in my eye ...
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What a beautiful letter. The time that these two spectacular human beings had together had to have shaped them both, helped them become even more who they had the potential of becoming, just by reflecting off of one another. I'm so glad they had their time, their love, and that it held.

Just beautiful.
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