M.C. Escher vs Star Wars Lego
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Star Wars Relativity V2 created by 16-year-old Paul Vermeesch, is a 1 foot cube Lego model of M.C. Escher's print Relativity, that also re-enacts the original Star Wars trilogy.
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Oh my.

This wins the Internet today.
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I was having a boring and stressful day today. This is much better.
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Wow. The details are great.
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Pure awesome this is.

Geeze, I wish I could of been this creative with my legos as a kid (or even now).
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I was in awe of this at first, but then I remembered I only had Toro as a child.

And by the time I was 16 I had put away childish things.

(Really, I'm just super jealous).
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Most days I'm all: "Get off my lawn." with the younger generation, but every once in a while, someone or something will come along and I have a little bit of hope. Creativity, passion, geek, all rolled into one. I'm not so worried about the future, at least not for the next 5 minutes.
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Holy wow.
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As I mature I become increasingly terrified of the prospect of growing old in a world run by people who could have done something like this but instead "wisely invested" their time into writing a paper on the Presidency of Martin van Buren so they could get an A in English.

Is there some way MetaFilter can endow a scholarship or something?
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Legos, Star Wars and Escher. This is a geek trifecta. Really, the only thing missing is making this some sort of UI for a Linux distro. I say this as a compliment.
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once Relativity is dismantled

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Dear awesome kid who built this:

If your parents are ever dicks, you can crash with me. My son will worship you like a god.

Email's in the profile.

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once Relativity is dismantled


Yeah, I was actually relieved when I got to the comments and found that people were already telling him not to do it -- because I don't like to tell kids I don't know what to do not to do. But still, in this instance, I'm glad someone did and that he may have found somebody to fund his creations.

Make sure, if you haven't, to scroll down through all the pictures to see it lit up. Because I didn't at first (though if you are reading down to this comment, maybe we can assume you are the type to always scroll down to the bottom of anything)
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I was on board until he said Han shot first. (That's still a cool project.)
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I always look at these amazing projects, and in close up i recognize all the pieces from the giant tub of Lego's in my basement. So then i go home and tell my 8 and 10 year olds that we're going to work on a project. After 2 hours (they wander off bored after about 30 minutes) my finished structure looks similar to Homer Simpson's spice rack.

Even the easy projects are hard, and this one in no way looks easy. Amazing.
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Words fail to describe how awesome this is.
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I was on board until he said Han shot first.

I hope this is an error, because, well, damn.
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Vindaloo, I suspect you'll find that the word "extremely" pretty accurately conveys how awesome it is overall.
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This guy is one bacon/Doctor Who reference away from getting an Internet Nerd Bingo.
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