How to look your best the morning after
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How to look your best the morning after (SLYT): makeup celebrity Lauren Luke aka panacea81 does a stealth PSA for domestic violence charity Refuge. (Interview)
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That affected me stronger than I would think it would.
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Oh god, that look she gives when there's a thump at the door.
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My eyes welled up and I got chills. Horrifying, yet amazingly effective.
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Very good work, but definitely, intentionally, hard to watch.
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Another good PSA. Would've given me the chills, but I remember this one.
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My late mother's favourite charity was Bryony House in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I still can't hear its name, which comes from the plant Black Bryony, used in medieval times to heal bruises, without a shudder. My mother was abused in her first marriage, which ended three years before I was born. (Thankfully, I grew up in a peaceful, loving home.)

I, too, was most shocked by the look at the end.
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Brilliant in it's matter of factness. I have to disagree though that it was hard to watch - a PSA like this has the potential to be so effective because it resonates in the way that offical PSAs rarely do. Plus it is potentially more accessible to women who live in environments like that. It won't for example, do more harm than good by being broadcast on TV (I hate to think what would happen if an abusive person was watching that with their partner). What IS hard to watch is a friend, family member or colleague covering up bruises (both physical or psychological). This is definitely one to forward on to folks who might just need an extra prod to ask for the help they need.
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Brilliant and powerful.
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One of the best PSAs I've seen, and hopefully very effective too.
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Who are the 91 people who 'disliked' this??
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I just saw this today: the Daily Mail has more on how this was put together: "London agency BBH handpicked Ms Luke for the PSA in the hope it would reach her 439,8930 YouTube subscribers, and many other women who routinely seek out her online content."

PSA: It's the Daily Mail, so don't read the comments.
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Wait, you gotta see this one, A crash course to shine.
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I saw this the other day, and had two reactions. I was really impressed at the thinking behind this PSA, and how accessible it is for "everywoman", and how it very clearly gets the message through. My other response was tears and a visceral anger that any woman should suffer domestic violence, ever, which I guess feeds back into my first reaction.

I think it was very canny to use Lauren Luke, who has made a reputation for herself as a down-to-earth, intelligent, self-made woman who fought against the odds and succeeded with her make-up tutorial stuff. She was a young mum, bullied terribly in school who made videos in her bedroom. (See Modelling the PSA like her videos, with the banal household background, was another master stroke. Domestic violence is not this thing that happens to other people, or just some type of people and must be stopped, and can be escaped from with the right support.
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Holy shit, nickyskye. I was absolutely not expecting that.
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Bloody hell, the comment under the video:

"I'm not saying women are stupid. But there are thousands of women out there today getting beat by their partners and not doing anything about it. They would see this video and learn good ways to cover it up. That is fact. Although i understand the purpose of this video to say that it's wrong. The information in the video could actually be´╗┐ used by someone. Yes not all women are stupid, but some are. Just as everyone in the world is."

Someone on an e-mail list I was on, a woman, suggested once that Rihanna 'can't be that innocent as there's two sides to every story!' This attitude is so depressingly common - that it is always the woman's fault for staying, and women that stay are stupid. One of the most forthright people I know was beaten up by her boyfriend, and I was shocked when she told me because she was someone who was incredibly bossy and wouldn't take crap from people. It really can happen to anyone.
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