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Beat Bricks - Lego Step Sequencer

Step sequencers, like the 808, are an iconic part of music production - the 808 is in "Planet Rock" or "Fight For Your Right To Party". If' you've listened to music from the 1980s onward, you've almost certainly heard a step sequencer being used.

Basically, the rhythm moves from left to right through a series of steps. Pressing a button turns the step on or off.

Now you can create a step sequencer out of LEGO (and a webcam, Python, OpenCV, OSC, MIDI, and Ableton Live)

-made at Advance Hackathon 2012, Koln
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The 808 is a drum machine that, like lots of samplers and synthesizers, contains a step sequencer to trigger the sound. You can also get stand-alone step sequencers that you can use with any synth -- some using midi, older ones use cv.

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sorry, I was trying to write a really simple explanation and perhaps inadvertently obscured my point there. An 808 is a drum machine/step sequencer. And technically you're not hearing the step sequencer, but whatever it's sequencing.
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In slightly related news, Danish amusement park "Legoland" today had its visitor no. 50,000,000. (It opened in 1968.)
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I thought it was officially called LegoBricksOrToysNotLegosLand?
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I was really hoping that pattern switching would be just dropping in a whole new baseplate with a pattern on it already.
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Cool video, but now I'm really disappointed that this isn't a real thing. :(
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It is a real thing, and he has the link to the source code there. Unless there is some other definition of real thing that I don't know about.
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