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2 powerful sets of photographs: Heads and Néosurréalisme à tendance sociale by French photographer Yves Lecoq. Also, the more whimsical Mad Bunny's secret life, (not the film) Men in Black and Voyages au bout de mon lit.

I'm not sure if this is the artiste: It's hard to find any biographical info about him outside of flickr.
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It seems that is probably not the same Yves Lecoq... the Wikipedia subject is a comedian famous for his impressions.

There is a very, very short interview with the photographer here, in which he says he's a professional photographer who makes a living mostly with catalog and industrial photography and, sometimes, weddings and portraits.

He is rather mysterious, though, isn't he?
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There's a short interview of him hidden here (PDF zipped in a 41 Mb RAR file). He's from the North of France (hence the low skies à la Jacques Brel), started as a photgrapher 30 years ago (so he's probably in his 50s). Influenced by Jean-Loup Sieff (photo), and Ionesco (literature). From the article: Abstruse surrealism is not my cup of tea. I (modestly) practice the surordinary. Really, it's like a junk shop, a photographic recycling, an ecological approach, consisting in recycling useless pictures to make pictures that may make people smile once in a while. I'm happy to make the people who look at my images smile, even if the smile is forced.
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Thank you, growabrain.
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I was wondering, who killed Chatty Kathy. Now I know. The bunny did it.
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Why is this not a video game that I can play!?!
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/me runs off to trim nose hair

Néosurréalisme à tendance sociale

/me runs off to ponder the folly of living and the inevitable march of senescence

Mad Bunny's secret life

/me recoils, decides to call it a day
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I liked Heads, if only for the eyebrows.

I am pretty sure I read Mad Bunny and the Big Ear in grade school. The later stories were a little too scary for young readers.
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The Mad Bunny set is pretty great indeed. Thanks for posting this.
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