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Classic movies in miniature style. It all started 2 years ago with an experiment to blend traditional ‘oriental’ (Ottoman) motifs and contemporary ‘western’ cinema. After a positive response to "Ottoman Star Wars", I decided to take the theme further, and developed more film posters using the same technique.
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Nice find... clever and well done.
posted by HuronBob at 7:52 AM on July 11, 2012

Very nice.
Could have easily veered off into the bushes, but the technique was well-controlled and stayed fairly true. I'd love to have one of these hanging on my studio wall.
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Those are all fantastic. It's the kind of pop culture collage I really love: juxtaposing pop culture not with itself but with something more classical, particularly something out of the better known parts of the classical/historical Western art tradition.
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Very good! Cleverly done; and as Thorzdad says, they stick pretty well to the basic technique.
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These are great!

I hope the discovery of these millennia hence totally messes with scholars.
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ok I totally love this!! very nicely done :)
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Oh lordy, the Terminator II one with the T-1000 chasing Arnie on an araba is awesome.
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I wish there were close-ups of the... I dunno what you call them -- descriptive captions?
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The Alien one completely cracked me up. Check out Lambert in classic Ottoman bewailing pose.
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These are great, the Kill Bill one especially so.

Not sure why Elton John is playing a piano in the one for Inception. . .
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Love these. Reminds me of the Russian woodcut versions.
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These are really delightful. And not just because this definition of 'classics' includes maybe every 'popular' DVD on my shelves, even though that's true.
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I really enjoyed these--I love the detail that goes into them!
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Omg, *totally* love this!!! So much fun! Thanks for the great post shakespeherian.
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These are awesome. I hope they get dug up by an archeologist in 5000 years and are mistaken for depictions of actual historical events. "We know very little about the life of Tony Montana..."
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