'It’s a great way to get over the preciousness of my work'
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This is How You Paint a 150 Foot Tall Batman

Painting the Skies of New York(Youtube)

The use of Painted Ads stretches back a long way. The painters themselves are known as walldogs. A time-lapse video shows some walldogs painting an ad with David Beckham, though there are still some vintage ads hanging around.
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NYC's history of painted wall signs is interesting, it was basically one company that got around the billboard ban in historical neighborhoods by making that case that painted wall ads are a persistent and unique feature of the historical landscape - I just wish Manhattan got more of the artier/crazier/designy wall paintings that Brooklyn gets.
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It's awesome hearing how they do this. I kind of wish the image hadn't been so silly, but I guess that, as the article says, it'll be painted over in a month or two anyway. And it really is neat to think of all those people painting it by hand.
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Heh, and the paint lasts all of six weeks. Persistent. Heh. :)
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1) Paint Batman as you normally would.

2) Paint a teeny little Batmobile next to him.

3) There is no step three.
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Great link. I've marveled at those painters and their work (and the fact that anyone is still painting these things by hand) many times. That wall always has a hand painted billboard. There is another wall about the same size near Madison Sq. Garden that is always hand painted.
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This is cool.

It's interesting to think that this is what little remains of a once thriving billboard painting market, and that this will be gone in another 15 years or so. Dying breed, etc...
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I wonder if they're ever tempted to paint a mustache on the previous ad just before covering it up with the new one.
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I think they use magic to do that stuff. I don't care what that guy says in the article.

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Whoa. I had no idea that this process was so incredibly low-tech, and that the artists don't use any sort of grid when copying the original. I'd love to see more shots of the `cartoon` process...
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Previously, for people who want more painting video.
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I can't remember - is Batman gay?
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He's gay for punching.
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He's not gay, but if you thought he might have a weirdly shaped, totally white dick after looking at this picture, you're forgiven (and just as immature as me)
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No Mike it's the world's strangest fleshlight for sure
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My windows look out on a 5 story brick wall that has always had a sign painted on it, or sometimes draped over it.

It is interesting to watch when they paint it. For the longest time it advertised a nearby strip club. The gimmick then, with painting it, was that you could stop paying after a few months and the owner would have to pay to have your sign covered, which they seldom did back in the day.

My favorite recent sign on there was an "edgy" beer add that wanted to look like a peeling paper sign glued to a brick wall, and so, you guessed it, they hand-painted a brick wall onto the brick wall for the background.
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You learn quickly not to step back and admire your work.
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I'd love to see more shots of the `cartoon` process.

It's a pretty damned ancient technique. It's how Michelangelo transferred his drawings to the Sistine Chapel ceiling. The cartoon process is pretty accurately depicted in the movie The Agony and the Ecstasy.
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I have been walking past that wall since high school, and always wondered who the guys were who painted it. Thanks for this!
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