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Technology meets art in the collision sculptures of Eyal Gever
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Not that it's a major issue--but when does technology ever not meet art for any art form with a physical presence? The point here seems to be "computer art meets physical art"--but even that is hardly ground breaking.

Grousing aside, some of these are kind of cool--still, there seems to be a slight mismatch between the amount of effort and thought going into the design and the final product. It feels like you could skip a lot of the computer modelling to produce pretty similar objects. But perhaps the point is to contemplate the entire process.
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Reminds me a ton of the blender fluid simuation stuff. Don't know how to do that semi rigid body stuff with blender though.

He says he is using proprietary techniques, and his page mentions Finite element method. Excuse me for a moment while I go try to dig of the siggraph paper that describes what he is doing. Unless of course it is totally novel and he hasn't published.
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Ah here we go: CSE 788, a CS course at Ohio state that covers these topics. Bunch of youtube videos at the bottom that seem pretty similar. And tons of links to papers covering these topics.
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Uh, also, this is pretty sweet stuff. Me digging up the instruction manual means that I like something.
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Same concept but with cars.
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