Can anyone hook me up with a fat eighth or quarter?
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Quiltsrÿche Who needs dope licks when you have fussy cuts? Boo Davis's punk and metal inspired-quilts. This ain't your granny's rock-and-roll muslin.

Also check out her book Dare to Be Square, and learn make your own. Flickr pool.
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Boo's a she (, but I do love her work.
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I used to do this when I was a youthful stoner and my eyes were good.

Better to quilt while you're a head.
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I love these.
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My mom had this cross stitch on her wall: "Blessed are the guilt makers".

Oops, I mean "Quilt makers".
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For a moment, I thought this post was about this guy.
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See also: Heavy Bedding.
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You know what they say: quilters never prosper.
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I am convinced there is an untapped niche for a Ravelry-like site for quilters. Quilting keeps seeming >< this close to getting the revival that knitting and crochet have had over the past few years. I think eventually it'll break out big time.
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God bless the quilters of The Beast.

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These are effing awesome. I was just thinking yesterday that I think quilts are generally ugly. Then this post comes along and now I want a quilt. Whether I do it myself with help from her book, or order a custom one, I will have a rock quilt. I knew there was a reason for collecting Bowie shirts that I never wear.
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Right. Now I know what I want to do with the sewing machine that's been sitting unused on my desk since I got it.
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old yahoo advert

full disclosure: edited by the company I used to work for.
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also, Kitty Stardust:
that guy used to live in the room I currently inhabit in my apartment.
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Don't ever trust... the knitting needle, it lies!
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Aww, yes. This was just the inspiration I needed.

I took an intro to quilting class at my local quilting store. I was the youngest person in the class by a margin of about 40 years. Everyone used the same pattern - a sampler lap-sized quilt - but chose their own fabrics.

Most of the group gravitated towards the florals. In a moment of rebellion, I picked out coordinating fabrics with skulls, flames and tiny dots that were actually screwheads, and dubbed the resulting bad-ass quilt my "Bad Reputation" quilt. The other ladies in the class all loved it.
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Mod note: Swapped a pronoun. Quilt on!
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These. Are. The. Best. Things.
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