Mike and George Kuchar
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It Came From Kuchar [trailer] is a 90 minute long documentary about the underground filmmaker brothers Mike and George Kuchar. It is also available to view on hulu and via Amazon. It could also possibly be available on Netflix.

Some Kuchar movies are also available for online viewing:
The Sins Of The Fleshapoids (1965) (in 5 parts: 1 2 3 4 5) [~42m total]
The Secret Of Wendel Sampson (1966) [~35m]
Hold Me While I'm Naked (1966) [~15m]
The Craven Sluck (1967) [~21m]
Eclipse Of The Sun Virgin (1967) [~12m]
Pagan Rhapsody (1970) [~22m]
I, An Actress (1977) [~9m]
The Mongreloid (1978) [~9m]
The Cage Of Nicholas (1992) [~10m]
Butter Balls (2003) [playlist, in three parts, ~25m total]
Society Slut (2005) [~60m]
George Kuchar Diary Webtide August 2010 (2010) [~23m]
Assorted Mike Kuchar shorts:
Shepherd's Poem [~13m]
Romance [~18m]
Miss Philly's Valentine [~18m]
Inspiration [~9m]
In The Garden Of Eros [~18m]
The Prayers Of Cupie LaRue [~16m]
The First Four Sorrows [~15m]
George Kuchar's death previously on Metafilter (some overlapping content)
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Great post, and the excellent documentary was once available on Netflix streaming but alas is no more.
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One of my friends went to SFAI and Kuchar was kind of like a guru there. He played the title role in my friend's short film, which I believe was either the last or second-to-last film he was in. Also, my buddy's band wrote (before he died) a song called "George Kuchar, Can You Hear Us Now", which got its name from my friend's studio, which was right beneath Kuchar's.

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Nice post.
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These guys are great.
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