Ever wonder where barber poles originated?
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Ever wonder where barber poles originated? "Yeah, I'd like it short in the back and a little off the sides. Oh, and how about yanking this infected molar, while you're at it? And I need to have this boil lanced...."
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In the Middle Ages, medicine was still in its infancy. The art of healing was conducted not by physicians, but by barbers. The medieval barbers were the forerunners of today's men of medicine, and many of the techniques they developed are still practiced today. This is the story of one such barber Theodoric of York.
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In the far east (well, Taiwan, anyway) there are barber shops everywhere. They usually have large, obvious barber poles out front with green and white stripes and other wild designs. The uninformed tourist might assume that the locals are really commited to their tonsorial duties. When I visited Taiwan a few years ago, I quickly figured out that men did indeed frequent these establishments but weren't getting their hair cut.
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khisel: So you're NOT going to tell us what they were getting cut there? What good are you?
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You see, NOW we're learning.

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I don't believe this story. Why would they wash the bandages if they were still going to be red when they were hung out to dry later? Can you have a clean red bandage, and if so, why are you also using white ones?
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Korea is the same, khisel. Multiple, reverse geared barber poles, barber pole upon barber pole, reaching skyward in a mesmerizic spinning psychedelic paroxysm of red, white and blue. Advertising services that go somewhat beyond the standard short back'n'sides.

realjanetkagan : Suffice to say my wife prefers that I not get a haircut unaccompanied. Not that I'd...no what I mean is...ah hell now I've done it.
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