Justice for Vik - after 18 months
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Italian peace activist Vittorio Arrigoni's kidnappers were convicted by a Hamas-run military court in the Gaza Strip today for their involvement in the abduction and murder of the Italian activist Vittorio Arrigoni in April 2011.

"Vik" was a peace activist, blogger and occasional freelance journalist, ... a well-known figure in Gaza - and well-liked. He was kidnapped, tortured and hanged in Gaza in April 2011. His blog has continued to publish posts by his family and friends in Italy.
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Did we get a motive? I assume since Hamas is to moderate for these people, any one who works with them is a target.

Glad to see Hamas act responsibly.
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He was abducted by an Al Qaeda-linked Jihadist group, who were attempting to put pressure on Hamas, which runs the enclave, to release its leader Hesham al-Sa'eedni.

So not so much as Hamas acting responsibly, but it does complicate the tidy picture that all Islamacists are in cahoots.
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