Is Blood Thicker Than Water?
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Is Blood Thicker Than Water? It seems to be for President Bush. He's refused to campaign for Republican governor candidates in Virginia and New Jersey facing the voters next week, even though they are both behind in the polls and could use the help. But the Washington Post says Bush is likely to do a fundraiser for brother Jeb who is not up for re-election until 2002. Bush cancelled another fundraiser just last week. (Via Political Wire.)
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Also Florida was important to him. ;.)

(flip, you seem to have fallen victim to the dreaded bipostitis germ. I guess this one is just as good as the other for commenting purposes, right?)
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sorry, my browser got messed up on me.
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I read that a bit differently than flip does. It says the president and the governor are both hedging on the president's attendance. It sounds like the prez had hoped to attend at one point, but he's gotten his priorities changed recently. Bob Novak gives his view on the NJ situation. W has, in the past, said he doesn't fundraise for 'losers', which may or may not be the case in NJ - gubernatorial fundraisers just aren't that important now.
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