He's a sneaky one
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Just in time for election season, royalty-free music site firstcom has released a playlist of music for attack ads. You can choose the dramatic "Negative Vibes," the dual-mood "Compared to What's His Name," the dark "He's a Sneaky One" or the anthemic "Better Days Ahead." Firstcom also has playlists for pirates, extreme weather and science and technology.
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No Idea How Or Why, Main Track 0:60, First Digital Music [BMI]
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I immediately thought of the "I Am America" song used during Herman Cain's "creepy smile" ad.
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Royalty-free does not mean free. If you want to use the music in a production. The FirstCom Music FAQ mentions synch licenses, etc.
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I am *loving* this.
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Finally I can get started on my Dalton McGuinty and Stephen Harper ads!
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These are flippin' great. I feel my emotions being manipulated with every note!
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They've given us attack ad music and pirate music. Why not pirate attack ad music?

[music: pirate playlist #2 ("Shipwreck!")]
[night, two tall ships in stormy waters, locked in battle]
[cut to Mitt Romney at the wheel, dressed as the Gentleman Pirate Stede Bonnet, smirking]

[ominous voice]
Mitt Romney is a corporate raider who seized companies in hostile takeovers, stripped them of their assets, sank them deep in debt and left them to drown.

[cut to burning wreck, piteous drowning orphans]
[back to Romney, his cutlass drawn, smirking]

Now he wants to cut your medicare. Why? So he can cut his own tax bill, even though he already pays less tax than most hardworking Americans.

[enter Barack Obama, swinging from the rigging, dressed as Errol Flynn]
[Music: pirate playlist #7 ("Men of Courage")]

Barack Obama has steered our ship of state through stormy waters. He rescued hundreds of thousands of jobs when he saved the auto companies. He's fought terrorists and stood up to the Tea Party, but he can't do it alone. He needs new Democratic Senators who will break through the Republican deadlock and new Congressmen to drive out monsters like "legitimate rape" Todd Akin. He needs you to register to vote.

[close up on Romney and Obama, swords locked]
Prepare to repel boarders! On November 6, vote to keep Obama at the helm.
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music for attack ads

America is waiting for a message of some sort or another.
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this is amazing
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Is it bad that I just plain like this music, as music?
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I love this post, but I can't work out how these are royalty-free: there's nothing conveying this information from the linked pages (that I can see) or the FAQs. Do I have to be logged in as a member - that is, get a FirstCom account and talk to an account manager? Then I get some free stuff?

(I do a lot of community theatre and this would be a great resource, but the budget in community theatre is close enough to zero to make no difference...)
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Alasdair, "royalty free" just means that once you buy the music, you're free to use it in whatever productions you want without paying a per-use licensing fee. That model for library music is known as a royalty-free or "buyout" library. The other common model is licensed, or "needledrop" music that requires you to pay for a piece on a per-project basis. There are hybrid approaches, too, but "royalty-free" just means there are no additional royalties that need to be paid after your up-front purchase.
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