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Sally Field was honored this weekend as the Human Rights Campaign's Ally for Equality at the 16th Annual National Dinner. She was introduced by her youngest son, Sam Greisman, and gave this speech.
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Mama always said...you're different. And so the fuck what?!
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Fun fact: Sally Field rebuffs Tom Hanks in Punchline because she's his mother from Forrest Gump. The woman has her limits.
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You know? I like her. I really like her.
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Love this woman. Always have. Love that she didn't brush her hair before coming on stage (so the fuck what!). If you haven't seen Soapdish, it's Sally Field at her funniest, IMHO.
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I fast-forwarded to her earlier and didn't watch her kid's intro. I've seen it now.

Did Sally Field have an affair with David Duchovny? Because that kid's the spittin' image.
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That was wonderful, and I'm glad to have seen it. Times have changed for the better.

When I came out in 1976, at the age of 26, my family disowned me and made it clear that I would be going to hell if I didn't alter my life trajectory. The path I forged to self-determination was without support of any kind. At the time, it made me feel strong, because I knew who I was, and I was prepared to fight for the right to be who I am and to love the one who loves me in return.

But how much better this is.
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