Don't go in the basement!
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Sally Cruikshank intends to put all of her animations on YouTube, including her opening credits for Ruthless People, the Seseame Street Feets too Big short, and don't miss the Oingo Boingo assist on Face Like A Frog. She's very active in the comments section of some of her videos, too, answering questions and participating in the discussion of her work.
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Face like a Frog was indeed strangely reminiscent of Forbidden Zone. Super post!
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great stuff. i never knew who was responsible for those trippy little animated films. 'don't go in the basement' is truly superlative.
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Beginning, Middle and End was always one of my favorite Sesame Street animations. Dude, Face Like a Frog is discombobulating. This makes me happy.
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Woah. E2 is still kicking? I used to go there a lot but.. meh.
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Fun on Mars always cheers me up.
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That isn't just Mick Jagger singing the title song to Ruthless People. That is Mick Jagger singing a song that he co-wrote with Daryl Hall.

Rolling Stone fans, commence suicide.
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"You can make a scene/on the mezzanine/but don't go in the basement!"

Oh, man, I hadn't seen that in a very long time, and I still like to sing that line from time to time. I thought it was just a silly cartoon (seen on MTV??) that I just happened to enjoy and remember-- no idea it was from a prolific and well-regarded animator. Thanks for this post.
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Apparently Danny Elfman contributed vocals to the song "Don't go in the basement."

And, seriously, fucking wow. I had no idea that this video existed outside of my teenage friend Dave's stoner basement. I wouldn't have even thought to look for it on youtube.

Kudos, Slap*Happy!
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Seriously, last time I saw this, it was, what, 1995? 1996? Blast from the past, fer sure. I'm gonna have to send this around to my old friends.
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The agility and shepherding are for the dog, I think.
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Always nice to see a bit of Boingo-lalia on the Blue. Thanks muchly, Slap*Happy!
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Yeah, this is really appreciated. I've heard the music but never seen the animation. Thanks.
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I can't believe there was an Elfman performance that I hadn't heard! I had heard the song "Don't go in the Basement" before, but didn't know where it came from. There are so many hints at what's to come in his scoring work in that little animation. And the animation itself is great! I'm lovin' it!
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Never really dug her style. The Quasi stuff back in the old Night Flight days (circa 1980) used to freak me out.
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The song "Don't Go In The Basement" was originally a part of the film Forbidden Zone which was co-produced by Marie-Pascale and Richard Elfman. I don't think that cartoon is in that movie, but I haven't been able to find the movie, so I could be wrong. Everything I've read tells me Forbidden Zone is black & white. This cartoon feature is in color. So I think she made it long after the film, for reasons unknown.

Boingo did a version of the Budweiser jingle once which is to die for, and you have not lived until you hear Danny Elfman doing his rendition of "I Am The Walrus." It's better than Lennon's version and I don't say that lightly.
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The cartoon isn't in the movie, though the animation style has a lot in common with Forbidden Zone. I can't quite recall which scene the song is in, or which character was singing it, but guess what. They went in the basement. Some crazy shit in there.
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I have a copy of Forbidden Zone (signed by Richard Elfman, natch). I'm pretty sure the song ain't in it. I found the song on Kazaa at some point, but never figured out where it came from. I think this must be it. It's definitely the same recording.
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You're right, team lowkey. I guess I must have it on CD. I've got a Boingo rarities CD a buddy made for me. It's just so easy to visualize Elfman singing it, or dubbing it over one of the other characters in Forbidden Zone, with the vaudevillian sound of the song especially, and I thought maybe it was at the beginning with Huckleberry or the kids or the end with the Devil. But the soundtrack listing proves you right and jogs my memory better. Maybe I should watch it sober more often? Naaaaah!
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those things would have scared the shit out of me if i were a kid! But thats what I remember the best... Great stuff!
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Yeah, I had to qualify with "pretty sure", because it fits so well with the movie. I thought the devil might sing it, but remembered Danny sang the "Heidi Heidi Ho" song. And I had to drink a little to get the state dependent memory kickin'.
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