Very very trippy ISS videos
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Framestacking ISS Video. This is seriously cool, produced by running International Space Station videos though framestacking software, successively adding the images to produce trails of light. View full screen and smoke it if you got it.
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curse my slow connection!
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DRgus is youre brian on tihs.
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Long-exposure ISS Photo. This is seriously uncool, produced by repeatedly adjusting my camera tripod to point in a vaguely space-station-ish direction and taking a long exposure.

The flyover was seriously cool in person, though. My daughter, nieces, and I could see the ISS as soon as it lifted off the horizon, and over the next 5 minutes it became by far the brightest star in the sky as it reached the zenith. (Note that it's *still* the brightest thing in that photo, despite the fact that it's smeared over a 5 or 10 second exposure and the bright stars next to it are pinpoints). That fainter streak (which was much brighter in person) is the Dragon capsule catching up to it. My 3 year old daughter was happily surprised when I explained that, although the dragon stories about lizards spitting fire to hurt people are pretend, the Dragon stories about rockets spitting fire to carry supplies to people in space are real.
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This is really cool and is quite soothing after stressful day, but all I could think for the first few seconds was, "It looks like that HBO intro!"
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Very beautiful! Thanks for the link.
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I was worried about this Tron re-make, but the trailer is pretty stellar.
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More cool footage.
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Wow. That was great.

And I don't think I've ever seen "Overkill green" in nature before.
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This was less Tron and more Doug Trumbull's work on 2001. Which is a very good thing indeed.
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Surprisingly awesome.
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Lovely stuff. Made me think of Tangerine Dream, though.
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Startrails Timelapse Carolina
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