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Lake Street Dive ("DIVE not DRIVE!") is a band from Brooklyn, NY. Maybe you've already heard of them but in case you haven't, they do infectious covers and some originals too. They'll also do an impromptu web cast in someone's basement if their outdoor gig gets rained out.
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Lol! Did you see that over at yesterday? I spent a couple hours listening to all their youtube clips. How many great regional bands did we completely miss before the internet?
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I sure did! Instant fan as well. Looks like they are on tour too.
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This isn't the LSD I'm looking for.
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Does it really matter that they're "from Brooklyn" ? Cuz they're not.
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Haters gotta hate.
In other news, I'm in love.
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Enjoyed the unexpectedly slow cover of I Want You Back. Lead singer has a nice voice, but veering just a wee bit too far into a certain kind of affectation that ultimately puts a fatal distance between her performance and my enjoyment of it. Just can't quite make it across that divide. Which is a shame cause I'm about this close to really, really liking the band a lot.

You know what that affectation is that I'm talking about? It's hard for me to articulate it, except to say that it's in the same neighborhood as... Rickie Lee Jones. A certain forced languidness.
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ReeMonster - The band is based in Brooklyn. Whether that "matters" I cant help you there.
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re: that terrific cover of I Want You Back -
to see that song swing in the opposite direction, check out Screaming Females' cover of it.
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I thought basement gigs were the way all the new bands are getting heard these days. You can do whole tours to distant cities on basement gigs, and then get the added dividend of bands from those basements coming by to play in yours.

Nice band by the way.
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I once heard a free jazz improv show at a Lake Street dive...or maybe it was actually some kind of Unitarian church or community center. Anyway, I know it was Lake Street since we waited for the bus back to St. Paul for, like, HOURS and it never showed up.
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Oh man. So I went to New England Conservatory with these kids, the Mikes and Bridget were all my year, and I'm still friends with Bridget. I remember when they first started jamming. I've been following them pretty closely over the years. I figured it was only a matter of time before they showed up here. They've actually gotten fairly big, appearing on Prairie Home Companion and touring quite a lot. They're in Maine right now recording another record I believe.

I think they are fantastic. I like how each member, each a virtuoso in their own right, really gets to shine in the orchestration, even through the pop veneer. They share that quality with good jazz combos. They are tight and interesting without losing that infectious pop thing and they always seem like they are having a blast (and they are).

I'm biased, though.
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And btw, they do mostly originals. Here's a trailer for their DVD Live from Lizard Lounge. (I myself really like Olson on trumpet).

Here they are on mountain stage.

Until just recently, Bridget was also in a great bluegrass band called Joy Kills Sorrow.

In fact, here's Lake Street Dive and Joy Kills Sorrow playing together at Bridget's house.

My favorite Lake Street song is the Neighbor Song.
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This is awesome. I'ma make a big old pot of chicken soup and listen to this all day. Thanks Kevin. (I love hearing fingers sliding in the strings of a standup bass, not sure why).
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I saw this band play at a taping of Prairie Home Companion in NY in April. Their cover of Faith was bluesy and fantastic. The lead singer looked awkward, but her voice is amazing.
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I heard Hello Goodbye on WNCW a couple years ago and have enjoyed 'em since.
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