My playground has been digitized!
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It was pretty grand when The Roller Coaster Capital of the World, Cedar Point (previously / previously) , started offering HD quality perspective videos of their coasters for those of us far away from home. Recently, Google Street View has mapped the entire amusement park for our enjoyment!
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Those roller coaster videos are great. The maXair video, however, is a one-way ticket to vomit town.
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Brings back memories. The lack of lines is a definite plus.

However, I would love it if people could get over their fisheye craze and just put a normal lens on the camera for once. Quit ruining the scenery and get off my freakin' lawn!
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What's that condition where you can't recognize faces. Street View is sort of a Twilight Zone of faceless people.
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Coincidentally, I just recently discovered Cedar Point's HD videos as well, as I've just gotten back into Riller Coaster Tycoon 3 (inspired by a recent thread here on the Blue)

While true "fish eye" views are indeed undesirable, I find that the "super wide-angle" of a typical GoPro camera is ideal for this kind of thing, as it seems to most closely mimic human peripheral vision, with minimal distortion.

As far as "roller coaster capital of the world" goes, I'm inclined to agree that Ohio as a state can make the claim, but for an individual park, I still have to give the nod to my local favorite, Six Flag's Magic Mountain. It rarely shows up on many enthusiast's sites as a fave, since most hardcore riders tend to favor (non-looping) Hypers and Gigas, while Magic Mountain is all about inversions (with 50% more inversions than their nearest competitor) as well as innovation (X2 and Tatsu were first-of-their-kind innovations, and are still very rare (ahem) beasts. There are some nice HD videos of them on YouTube, usually done by the major coaster blogs. By the time you get to Tatsu's infamous "Pretzel Loop", you won't know which way is up, and C2 certainly won't make it any clearer.

That being said, the lift tower for Millenium Force (at Cedar Point) is a ride in itself. I swear it feels like it takes a half an hour to reach the top.
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As a yearly Cedar Point visitor, I must say I am really pumped for their new coaster opening next year. Gatekeeper.
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Cedar Point is the park closest to my home. I first went there in 1972. It tickles me that they have grown into the Huge Thing they are today.

Alas and alack, I fear I have aged beyond too much of this.
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I grew up in Kalamazoo, so it wasn't a yearly thing, but every once in a while, we'd make the trip out to Cedar Point. What was it, six or seven hours? It usually entailed staying with some friends in Detroit, then leaving from there. The Blue Streak, the Magnum, Gemini? Are they still there, or has progress done away with those?

Either way, Kalamazoo was much, much closer to Six Flags Great America, but that place can't hold a candle to Cedar Point. In fact, my aunt (who I stay with when I go home) lives literally down the road from Great America, and I still don't go there. I'd love, some day, to make it back to Cedar Point, but I don't see it as a real likelihood, so thanks for the videos.
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Holy cow. Those videos are great, but they also make me more determined than ever to never ride one of those things ever again.
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I wonder if one day, as things like Street View improve, tourism based businesses will start suing because of a drop in physical visits.
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I recall a "ride" at Cedar Point in the 70's where you rode a mat or blanket type thing down a slide..sort of like a dry waterslide.does anyone remember this or what it was called/pictures? It seems so quaint now!
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Gads, I haven't been to Cedar Point since I was a teenager. The Beast was the Big New Thing back then. I still have my I Rode The Beast pin.
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Hoping they do Kennywood next. *fingers crossed*
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I grew up about 45 minutes away from Cedar Point, and my first awareness of the park was the introduction of the Demon Drop in 1983. I was only 7, so I wouldn't have the chance to ride it for a few more years, but I can still remember the creepy commercial -- demondropdemondropdemondropdemondrop.

And, naturally, it's on YouTube.
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Kinnakeet, when we went to Kennywood last year, my husband took handheld video on each of the roller coasters without any problems. When we went late in the season this year, there was new signage forbidding videos on the rides. He even got yelled at on the Racer (as we left the gate). So while I can't say for certain that it's "next" - I'd wager something is in the works.
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The Blue Streak, the Magnum, Gemini? Are they still there, or has progress done away with those?
All still running, I love the Blue Streak, oldest wooden coaster still I believe. I rode Top Thrill Dragster this summer for the first time, nice to know that at 53 I can still get geeked about coasters.
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Thanks for the info, librarianamy. Four generations of my family grew up riding the Racer, the Pippin/Thunderbolt and of course the Rabbit. I don't live there anymore but do make pilgrimages when possible.
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Just to clarify, hippybear, The Beast was (and still is) located at King's Island amusement park (also in Ohio)

30+ years in, it still owns all of the records it set for wooden coasters. (tallest, fastest, longest)
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The best thing about Cedar Point is the view you get of the entire place when you drive up the causeway to the park. The park is a gigantic conglomeration of coaster track and ride towers crammed onto a peninsula. It looks to be an impossibly small space for so much stuff, and you get an incredible view of it all. Everybody in the car starts pointing out their favorites: there's Raptor! There's Dragster! I see Magnum!

You cannot help but get psyched as the whole shebang comes right at you, because you don't so much approach Cedar Point as you simply get engulfed.
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Magic Mountain on Street View. (a good look at the one-of-a-kind X2)

(also, I stand corrected on The Beast's records. It now holds only the record for length.)
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That is awesome, but please call me when they street view the entire McKittrick Hotel.
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Just to clarify, hippybear, The Beast was (and still is) located at King's Island amusement park (also in Ohio)

Oh, right. It was the Shock Wave that I rode at Cedar Point. The first looping rollercoaster I ever rode.

Those Ohio amusement parks... it was all so long ago, and it all blends together in my mind.
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Don't forget your iPod. You can take it on any coaster except The Dragster. You might have to sneak it on The Maverick under your hoodie. There is nothing better than a coaster with your track playing. I only wish somehow a drum set could be hooked up to a car, because I'd love to play the drums to a track while riding a rock song.
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kinnakeet: "Hoping they do Kennywood next. *fingers crossed*"

Right on. Kennywood or GTFO.
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