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Whirligigs are whimsical, wind-driven expressions of American folk art that first appeared in this country nearly 200 years ago. Traditional designs depict common characters and activities of early American rural life, from farmers milking cows to lumbermen chopping wood. Here are some highlights of the ninth annual Whirligig & Weathervane Festival in Shelburne Nova Scotia, September 2008.

The only mention of whirligigs on M-F was this old post about Vollis Simpson's whirligig installation
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Your link under "farmers milking cows" is actually "kick in the pants". Which, BTW, has some awesome jaw harp playing going on in the accompanying audio (the song is "Sally Gooden", and if anyone knows who that is and where that recording is from, please let us know!).
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Aaaah!! Not in the abdobem!
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So - are there any doggystyle whirligigs?
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Thanks for this. There's something so charming about these.
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The one with the poor lion tamer amazes me. I would never have been able to invent the mechanism by which his head slips out of the lion's jaws and jumps back onto his neck.
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Gems like this are why I love MetaFilter. I would favorite this a hundred times if I could, over and over until the wind died down.
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Whee! Whirligigs!
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Came across this one of an automaton while exploring the videos related to one of the links. Doesn't run on wind, but still... Amazing. (Check out the system of weirdly-shaped wooden cams that gives it all those different movements!)
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Not as clever mechanically, but completely bats in their own special way, T. R. Reed (a. k. a. Fred Lane, of “French Toast Man” fame) makes whirligigs at his Creachter Kinetics Studios.
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