Between Two Gagas
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You might have heard of Masiakasaurus knopfleri, the dinosaur named in honor of Dire Straits singer/guitarist Mark Knopfler. You may not have realized just how many organisms are named after celebrities great and small. Well, today, you can include a new genus of ferns, which includes 19 species, all named for the pop star, Lady Gaga. Despite appearances to the contrary, the announcement video is not a hoax. Watch the video for all the fabulous synchronicities, including a secret surprise hidden in the DNA.
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I thought it might have been due to the fact that when the lead researcher was pushing through the jungle, the fronds of this particular fern would continually poke her face.
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I cannot believe they resisted working in a "germinate" pun. Her family name is right there.
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psoas - did you catch the full name of one of the species? "Gaga germanotta"
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Yep. Not a pun.
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OK Mefite scientists-who-name-things, I will buy you a beer and thank you in the acknowledgements of my next book if you name some creature after me.
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LarryC Slug?
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This one is great
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From the Wikilist, without its own article:

"Funkotriplogynium iagobadius", named after James Brown. Apparently "Iago" is "James" and "Badius" is "brown" in Latin, but I'm also pleased to see they brought the funk.
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Harrison Ford has an ant:
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Well. Looks like I've got one too!

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I've got a bunch! One of them's even a mammal!
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Hey, that's a cool search site, Zed. It looks like I've got Mayetia benitoi, which is, surprise, a beetle.
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On the Origin of Species Nomenclature

It still goes against my grain that there is no such thing as a Brontosaurus excelsus beyond a historical footnote and a Linnean synonym. I mean, I grew up with the brontosaurus brand, if you will, but the damn thing was reclassified as Apatasaurus excelsus 63 years before my birth. Brontosaurus is a far better brand, which explains its staying power. Rolls off the tongue better. Apatasaurus sounds more like a sneeze.

Here's the kicker, though - Othniel Marsh discovered and named them both! Marsh was so gung-ho about finding and naming dinos (some 500), that he didn't really follow up too much to weed out the redundancies, so B. excelsus, which was named a year after Apatasaurus ajax, loses because the name registry favors the first named.
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