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Gus Wilson, master mechanic, pipe smoker, cap wearer, crime fighter, sage, is a part owner of the Model Garage. These are his stories.

For those who aren't familiar with the Model Garage stories a good place to start would be selected stories that were gathered into two books: Gus Wilson's Model Garage and Tales of a Master Mechanic

An Alphabetical listing of all the stories that appeared in Popular Science.

Who is Gus Wilson?
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These are pretty much written in the style and tone of almost everything I read as a kid in the 50's, a bit of a wash of nostalgia.....Thanks!

I'm wondering how I missed Gus.
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I clicked on 1949 at random. The first three news stories really depressed me.
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This is the next best thing to finding a tall stack of the original issues themselves. What a great post. There goes the rest of my weekend.
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Just up my alley. Great post.
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Nice. 1930s? Seems Gus was still kicking decades later as a persona I remember from my childhood.
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These are brilliant, part detective story and part Car Talk without the bad jokes.
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Thanks for posting.

One of the highlights from my youth was visiting my grandparents - and my grandfather had subscriptions to all the good magazines, including Popular Science, Mechanix Illustrated, Popular Mechanics, etc. A good portion of my summers and Christmas holidays were spent reading back issues of these magazines.

Awesome post.
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