Unbridled cynicism.
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Unbridled cynicism. I'm surprised this hasn't been posted here yet, this is the funniest thing I've seen since the Get Your War On comics. [via cruel.com]
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The rest of (Bush's) speech reiterated the basic "we are good; they are evil" summary of our position. And there's nothing more dangerous than a man whose stated goal is to "eradicate evil." That is the exactly the same grandiose moral delusion that Osama bin Laden uses to justify the murderous September 11 attack.

Oh, but the similarities go much deeper: both breathe air, excrete waste products, and perceive exactly the same spectrum of light. Two peas in a pod, man.
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And from where I stand I count an identical number of limbs in George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden... and Adolph Hitler.

...Hm. Perhaps to be pure evil, you must have a Little Thingy Of Some Kind between your first and last names.
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the funniest thing I've seen since the Get Your War On

One could say the same of roadkill.
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Homeland Security Director Tom Ridge in a briefing today: "NASCAR dropped by and said 'What can we do to help?'" Ridge said his his new fourth branch of government can "learn a lot" from NASCAR (I swear to God, he did, check it out). After the briefing, he slapped a Valvoline sticker on his forehead, ran headfirst into a wall and burst into flames.

This is great. Keep em coming.
posted by skallas at 10:02 PM on November 11, 2001

ha ha funny.
Also funny; how easy it is to offend a pwarg.
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Thanks, Rory. Here's the recently-posted part four of Get Your War On, in case anyone hasn't checked it out!
posted by MiguelCardoso at 5:20 AM on November 12, 2001

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