Baby-boom Daydreams
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Douglas Bourgeois is a living "visionary imagist" artist from St. Amant, Louisiana, a small town between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Bourgeois paints in a hyper-detailed magical realist style, often featuring pop culture icons and everyday objects, and more recently exploring threats to Louisiana's environment. A 2003 traveling exhibit of Bourgeois's work was accompanied by a catalog, Baby-Boom Daydreams. Bourgeois also designed the 2008 New Orleans Jazz and Heritage poster featuring Irma Thomas (scroll down for an image of the original Katrina-inspired painting American Address).
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Very interesting. I agree with the art critic who described the 2008 poster he designed as, among other things, somewhat clumsy - yet simultaneously the best NO Jazz & Heritage poster ever produced. There is something very arresting but quite clumsy about his artwork. Thanks for sharing.
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Love his work. I first discovered him through this fantastic cover for Tim Parrish's Red Stick Men.

Saw an exhibition of his at the Ogden Museum in New Orleans. Amazing detailed work.
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I must own that Irma Thomas poster. Must. Have. It.
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I think the "arresting clumsiness" is specifically a product of the way he renders space and depth. There is something a bit off about it, but everything else is rendered so obsessively that it's more of a signature than a problem. It adds to the sharp, feverish quality.

There is something about it that reminds me of certain Japanese paintings.
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I think the "arresting clumsiness" is specifically a product of the way he renders space and depth.

You might be right about that - to me, there is something that is a bit childish on one hand and simultaneously reminiscent of some of my favorite painted signs in central Africa.
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