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On the screen of the Romantic Motor-Vu drive-in theater on 33rd South in Salt Lake City, Charlton Heston, as Moses in the The Ten Commandments, throws his arms wide before what appears to be a congregation of cars at prayer. Originally published on December 22, 1958 in Life Magazine.
More from J.R. Eyerman: Behind the Scenes of a Stanley Kubrick 's Spartacus'.
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I have never been able to see that movie the same way since hearing this song.
posted by MuffinMan at 11:38 AM on December 8, 2012

This was taken at sunset. Doesn't the parting of the Red Sea (and Moses' beard) shown here appear into the third reel? Hadda be previews of coming attractions. What were they really watching?
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(MuffinMan's "this song," for people not on tiny phones.)
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I'll take the Corvette in the bottom row....
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My favorite drive-in photo is this one.
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