"Property is an investment, geese are a waste of my time and hers."
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The Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre present Christmas: 12 Days of Christmas, Silent Night, Baby It's Cold Outside, Coldplay Christmas, Killer Reindeer Song, Xmas Songs You Daren't Sing, and more. Much more from the Socks here and here, on subjects ranging from Doctor Who to the credit crunch to phone hacking to Skye to Star Wars.
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OH MY GOD this is one of those things I watched at 4:30 AM on a nearly fatal Youtube bender.

This confirms that y'all saw it too.
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Why do I love this so?
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I love you for this.
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"What would a true love give you, if she didn't want chucking for being mental, for offering me what amounts to a daily bird?"
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"I got you pissed! It's technically date rape! Go! Go!"

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