Extreme Shepherding
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8-Bit graphics using a finely choreographed mass of people are one thing. Doing it with sheep, on the other hand, is an entirely different bag of wool.
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This is a double, but dear lord I love watching those dogs.
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'Extreme Shepherding' - the story behind the video [spoiler: it's an ad for Samsung LED TVs]

Q&A with director

FILM & VIDEO: I’m a little ashamed that I have to ask the question – but is this real?

James Rouse: It’s real. We were using real shepherds and real sheepdogs, and a lot of it was achieved in camera. It was always our ambition to achieve most of it in camera. We even had the Welsh shepherding champion – in terms of shepherding, that’s one of the biggest claims you can make. What he was able to pull off for us, his control of his dogs, was phenomenal.

That said, we were helped enormously by our post company. But nothing that you see isn’t a sheep.

Metafilter: Nothing you see isn't a sheep.
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Thankyou so much for the background, dhartung - I was just sent the video as part of a link war with my mother, I didn't realise there was more.

Also - damn, it's been posted before? Crud.
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But nothing that you see isn’t a sheep.

Oh knock it off. I know a dog when I see one.
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