Dead Eyes, Hinged Mouth, Never Sleep Again, Dead Eyes, Hinged Mouth, Never Sleep Again...
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Talking Heads: The Vent Haven Portraits is a new book by Matthew Rolston which explores the history and style of ventriloquist dummies. Buzzfeed has collected some of the most interesting (and creepy) of the portraits contained within.
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Forgive me but I thought the first link was a new release from my favorite band.
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Would it kill BF to give some context of the heads we're looking at?
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The portraits reminded me of this relic.
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These are incredible photos. I love seeing the detail, craftsmanship, repairs and patching, and wear-and-tear. The individual personalities are as varied as the people who made them and brought them to life. They had to be garish for the same reason theatrical make-up looks ridiculous up close.

I only just learned that Vent Haven exists when I watched Nina Conti's film Her Master's Voice on Netflix. The museum, the film, and the subject matter all give me the same mix of feelings: they're funny, creepy, sweet, weird, sad.

Vent Haven is where dummies go when their ventriloquists have died. It's a collection of still, silent, dusty figures sitting in rows among collected memorabilia. They were made to be animated and snappy-witted and larger than life, painted for the stage. They're a unique kind of memorial for the people who put life into them. It's just so poignant because having been extra-vivid when 'alive', now they're just like little grimacing corpses.
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These are certainly fantastic portraits, though I can't really differentiate between the interesting and the creepy (they’re all interestingly creepy to me and will haunt me in my dreams and maybe my waking life).
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Needs more Weymouth.
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Nope. Uh-huh. I saw this movie when I was a kid and never recovered.
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This is not my beautiful head.
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