Meet Michael Forsberg, Conservation Photographer
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I think it is high time that MeFites meet Michael Forsberg, a Lincoln, Nebraska based Conservation Photographer who works primarily in the Great Plains of North America, once one of the greatest grassland ecosystems on Earth. (His bio.) His goal has been to try to capture the wild spirit that still survives in these wide-open spaces and put a face to the often overlooked native creatures and landscapes found there. His hope is that the images can build appreciation and go to work to inspire conservation efforts on the land far into the future. Here is a great 48 minute presentation that Michael gave at the California Academy of Sciences after completing his most recent book simply entitled "Great Plains". In the video he unselfishly shares not just his photographic images but also his equipment and techniques.

His channel on Vimeo. The Michael Forsberg Gallery is in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. Photo editors and designers (among others) may enjoy perusing his stock database. You may also appreciate his blog. For those near the UNL campus, the Great Plains Art Museum will host an exhibit of his Great Plains photos through March 30th, 2013.
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I've been meaning to go down to his gallery in the Haymarket. This is just the inspiration I needed. Thanks!
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His photography is also in a recently-released childrens book, Have You Seen Mary, which I learned about when author Jeff Kurrus spoke at the Wachiska Audubon meeting last month.
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Forsberg is a gem. He takes some stunning photographs, and it strikes me as really important that someone is taking this sort of interest in the Great Plains. I grew up here in Lincoln, and I think I was really ignorant of much of the beauty of this region until I bought Michael's book 'Great Plains'. His gallery is lovely if you live nearby, and his book is well worth the $45.
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Beautiful stuff, thanks,
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Seconding "Great Plains". I picked it up when Borders was going out of business, and it's worth full price.
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I once shadowed him for a day and see him where I work at least once a month (I work at a cooperative grocery store.) He's done amazing work, and is a great guy!
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Great post, great subject, thanks
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Thanks for this post.
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