Where were the Viking brew houses?
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The possibility that a lot of the alleged "saunas" found in Viking settlements may actually have been brew houses, is just one of the topic discussed at the 7th expermental archaeology conference just held in Cardiff.

Experimental archaeology is a branch of archaeology that tries to find out how things really worked by recreating them using historically accurate methods. The breath of this discipline can be inferred from the wide variety of posters and abstracts. There's everything from comparing Viking drinking rituals with British Uni sports teams drinking habits, to learning to build a Bronze Age boat, to a reconstruction of the cook's galley on the Mary Rose.
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My Finnish experiences lead me to wonder whether they might not have been both?
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My Finnish experiences

The sauna is a Finnish thing - it's one of the very few Finnish words imported into English.

It's not really a Scandinavian thing. Many Swedish homes have a "bastu", but these are mainly used for storage (or brewing beer?) There is no "sauna" culture in Scandinavia - nothing like in FInland where it is a way of lfe.

So I would not be surprised if Scandinavian Vikings - in England coming mostly from Denmark - would have put a sauna in their homes (with a mind to resale value) and used it for something else - like brewing beer.
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Now there's an idea for the next BeNeLux MeFi meetup: sauna & "sauna"...
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Super cool. I love the nicely presented online poster session.

Archaeology...super cool. Thanks.
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Beware of archaeologists jumping to conclusions in Cardiff.
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Yes, it's a different Cardiff
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Oh awsome, i know the son of one of the founders of experimental archceology and he has like, the best conversation pieces ( oh that? Thats a spoon used for fermenting vast armounts of grain for wort)
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three blind mice, drinking and sauna are like meat and potatoes to the Finns, hence my thought.
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The stone built installation at Cubbie Roo’s Castle, Wyre, a Viking stronghold of the 12th Century AD...

I'm not sure how I feel about this as a Viking stronghold name. It would make an excellent theme park attraction, though.
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No saunas? Then what about my daydream of naked Vikings in saunas?
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I have experience with your daydream. On a rooftop. In Shanghai. (Its a loooong story)
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