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A curated repository of cellular microscopy data

The cell: an image library-CCDB (CIL-CCDB) is a searchable database and archive of cellular images. As a repository for microscopy data, it accepts all forms of cell imaging from light and electron microscopy, including multi-dimensional images, Z- and time stacks in a broad variety of raw-data formats, as well as movies and animations. The software design of CIL-CCDB was intentionally designed to allow easy incorporation of new technologies and image formats as they are developed. Currently, CIL-CCDB contains over 9250 images from 358 different species. Images are evaluated for quality and annotated with terms from 14 different ontologies in 16 different fields as well as a basic description and technical details.
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Absolutely stunning - thank you for posting!
posted by speug at 2:05 PM on January 19, 2013

This is incredible, the videos are absolutely amazing.
posted by cryptozoology at 4:31 AM on January 21, 2013

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