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music video weird and wonderful.
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I was about to say "wow, that looks a lot like Cyriak" and then saw that it was made by Cyriak. So I'l just say "wow, Cyriak is good at what he does."
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Ain't nobody quite like Cyriak, is there.
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By Cyriak... yet not traumatizing.
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One of my favorite bands EVER.
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That's fantastic. Another Bonobo vid to check out - Eyesdown rmx

(first comment is gold - Played this song at school yesterday until it got heckled off, someone else came up and straight away started playing Drake. What is wrong with this world?)
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How fortuitous! I was just listening to Black Sands on vinyl ... on YouTube.

GREAT news that there's a new Bonobo album coming out.

I wonder if Cyriak was influenced by the Church of the Subgenius, or if he is just a fan of making surreal videos out of 1950s era public information-type videos.
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It's Cyriak, so my mind was suitably boggled. I was waiting for the spider cats and hellish robots. We got the robots, which is great. Cyriak is bloody good.

I like Bonobo too, so it's a great combination.
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I just have one question. How does he do that???? Compositing. Yeah. But how???!
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it's a double win
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Obligator Bonobo context

Change Down / the sugar rhyme
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How does he do that???? Compositing. Yeah. But how???!

I can't say I understand everything, but I get the feeling that it's similar to what we see in the final work; he starts by playing with small elements, anything that will make a nice loop, then starts playing with variations in that, and in nesting that loop within something larger; repeat until it gets more and more complex.
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I adore both Bonobo and Cyriak, so I like this video pretty good too.
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This was


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You can download a high quality MP3 of the full track by registering your email at, or you can stream the full song on Soundcloud. The video version is shorter than the album version.
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I think I could handle Cyriak before he started using live footage for this shit.

Now, I believe I'll go back to shivering and praying, shivering and praying.
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Cyriak discusses his method in very broad strokes in this interview.
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Coincidentally, just a few days ago I had seen for the first time some stuff by Zbigniew Rybczyński. And Cyriak mentions him in the interview as an influence, which makes sense.
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