The suicide forest
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Aokigahara is a dense, beautiful forest near the base of Mt. Fuji, quite popular with hikers. It is also the world's second most popular place to kill yourself.
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Aokigahara, previously.
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Open suicide thread
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Tragic and fascinating. I wanted to see some more photos of the beautiful forest (being interested from a hiking perspective). Warning to all that a google image search of "Aokigahara" immediately brings up some disturbing photos.
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One of the more distressing after-effects of Aokigahara’s high suicide rate is the number of tourists who actively search the woods simply to look for bodies and belongings left behind by the departed;

This is kind of morbid, sightseeing the distressed.
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Just in case anyone else was wondering, according to the WSJ the #1 place to kill yourself is the Golden Gate Bridge.
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I'm also interested in seeing more of the geography and environment. I'm fascinated by caves.

Also, the first photo reminds me of the forest path that Mei follows in Totoro, only adult sized.
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