Battered Vinyl Retaliates
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BBC DJs Mark and Lard show of some of their treasured vinyl recordings which are "particularly hard to find these days in this kind of condition": Mull of *Kintyre, Messing about on the River, Rocking around the Christmas Tree, Bright Eyes (more). NSFW - although somehow they got away with broadcasting it in the middle of the afternoon.
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Hard to find vinyl in that condition these days.
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I spend more time than I'd care to admit sorting through vinyl at thrift stores, and the condition of much of it baffles me. I mean, I get that a lot of it has been sitting in someone's basement for 20 years but many of the records look like they were used as the surface for a dragstrip.
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Kids. Kids destroyed vinyl.
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I loved Mark and Lard. I was genuinely gutted when they stopped their Radio 1 show.

One of my proudest memories was getting one of my letters read out as part of the lead into their afternoon show at one stage.


Carry on.
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Hey, I have that Bright Eyes single right here, and in a bit better condition than that. It was the theme song to Watership Down, in 1978 or so, and my sister bought it with her pocket money.
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Hey! Mark Riley!
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I guess I'm living in one of those weird zones where old media go out to pasture as fetish objects for music dorks in their mid-30s, but there are 3 or 4 record stores in town at any given time, and the quallity of pretty much everything I find is somewhere between "completely listenable" and "totally fucking pristine". Even the stuff in thrift stores around here is pretty much fine.

Maybe my standards are warped by remembering the terrible things that can happen to the sorts of boxes of records you find at Nebraska farm sales, but still...
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That was skipping all over the place, right? 'Cause I've been having buffering problems and I can't quite tell if it was me.
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Realised I forgot to finish my comment last night. Old age, lack of sleep, whatever.

Anyway, the point being that I find it pretty hard to believe that anyone would be allowed to play those comedy edits on BBC radio now. To hear Brenda Lee singing 'fucking around the Christmas tree' or the classic "shite eye, burning like fuck, shite´╗┐ eye how do you close and fart" as per the helpful YT comments... mind you, I haven't listened to Radio 1 properly for about 5 years so perhaps someone can put me right on that?
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I've loved Mr Radcliffe since the much-missed days of his glorious Out on Blue Six programme. He and Lard together were hilarious, and I will never be able to listen to their screamingly funny send-up of the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion without needing to change my underwear afterwards.
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I miss Fat Larry White.
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I miss Tony McCarroll's Classical Gas

(Music starts about 3 minutes in)
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Maybe my standards are warped by remembering the terrible things that can happen to the sorts of boxes of records you find at Nebraska farm sales

I've never been to a Nebraska farm sale - but I somebody gave me my own record player when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old. The pile of records was largely inherited from my older siblings - there were even some 78s which I guessed had belonged to older relatives. About half of them had long since lost their covers. They could be played by stacking on top of each other. At other times they might be stored in dusty piles that occasionally caught the sun. The holes in the centre of some had become enlarged - perhaps by having pencils stuck through them. These days I can rediscover most of what I listened too by a quick search on Youtube - but the cleaned up versions there are jarringly missing the particular scratches, hisses, cracks, sticking points and general wall of noise that made my copy my own. In a way this was a bit like the DRM watermarks that record companies experimented with recently.
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