Don't fail your New Year's Resolution!
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A Daruma doll will always remind you of your goal. First read it here then watched it here. Nana korobi yaoki!
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Daruma dolls always work for me, am currently three for three on the ol' "grant my wish in exchange for your sight" achievement front!
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Also featured on a recent episode of Go On. Which presumably means it going to be showing up on a lot of other sitcoms as well in the near future, as these 'featured item' episodes seem to come in a rash, e.g. the recent spate of episodes featuring boys' baby baptism dresses (The New Normal, Hot in Cleveland, and another I forget).
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I prefer the sunglasses version.
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Papercraft Daruma in multiple colors if you're interested in printing and making your own.
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Always good for some points in Katamari.
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I am not typically motivated by goal-setting, but this might do the trick. I'm envisioning an entire army of these lining my desk, silently judging my laziness with their one eye.
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Always good for some points in Katamari.

I was going to say, I'm surprised not to see a Cousin marooned on top of each head, jumping. Sometimes articles like these pop up and startle me into realizing just how many objects from Japanese culture I have a little file for somewhere in my mind, with no description but a name and a few locations, like "underneath the fridge, by the mandarin peels." Embarrassing, but by now embraced.
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Domo arigato gozaimasu.
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I love the idea, and enjoyed the Go On episode (seriously, I had never heard of these things before),, they aren't cute. Or at least they kinda freak me out to look at.

*gonna go print out paper ones now though, um.....*
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On second thought, never mind. Those things look bloody complicated to assemble.
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