"I always knew, really, that I was a late night person."
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Derek Morris is a septuagenarian former Cadbury's accountant from Bristol. He works a straight 9 to 5. That is 9pm to 5am, because he's also a legendary reggae DJ who M.C.s in Jamaican patois. His album is here (and part 2 of the video is here).
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Bonus link: Ruth Flowers, aka Mamy Rock, another senior citizen on the turntables; who's decidedly less low-key than DJ Derek.
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This is fabulous. I love how the accountancy shines through on the video, when he starts talking about expenses.
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who M.C.s in Jamaican patois

That's not entirely uncomplicated.
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An old girlfriend of mine worked every day with three Jamaican women. She picked it up after a while, too. Enough, that on at least one occasion she was able to 'translate' for me. I imagine Derek's internship at the barbershop was a similar experience.
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He certainly gives T-Wog a run for his money
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Saw Derek at Larmer Tree festival in 2007, it was quite something.
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This is brilliant.
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I love the story about how he'd used to DJ from behind a shutter, and the call "Jesus Christ! It's a white man!" when he was finally spotted. Turns out that's the line that I never really realized was missing from The Wizard of Oz.
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Sweet memory ! this takes me back to my time in Bristol listening to community radio from the Jamaican part of town, now online I just found! Hurrah! Passion Radio FM
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PS. Passion FM actually had DJ Derek himself for the past 2 hours! Oh internets how I love thee!
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DJ Derek! Wow, big it up Bristol!
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I've seen a lovely picture of the band Burlington Berties in top hat and tails, when DJ Derek was their drummer. Mike Tobin (Mike Tobin and the Magnettes) has a fantastic archive of photos, playbills and old adverts from the 50s and 60s Bristol music scene. Someone should make a documentary.
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