In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie.
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In the land of Mordor where the shadows lie. This is the best and darkest site I've seen about The Lord Of the Rings. Check out the part about Dark Servants. (Especially the Barrow Downs) And the Map Room.
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What a gorgeous site; I'd never stumbled over it before. Thanks!
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As an aside, the Lord of the Rings Board Game is very enjoyable.
[ lots of reviews and commentary ] [ my review (self-link) ] [ place to buy it ]
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kinda similar, i came across the black chasm a while back. another nice resource is the encyclopedia of arda.
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SPI's 1977 game War of the Ring is an all-time classic boardgame. Unpunched copies are around for $150+ or punched copies in the $50+ range. It is an unusually well done melding of a strategic wargame and individual character goals that captures the spirit of Middle Earth. Ive played a number of Tolkein-based games and this is the best.
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I had a board game called Lord Of The Rings when I was a wee bairn, and I think it was Parker Brothers or something. It was mostly just moving around and fighting orcs, and hoping no-one would start singing "Frodo...of the nine fingers....and the ring of dooooom!"

or God forbid: "where there's a whip....there's a way!"
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also found sauron's dark tower.

Naught slips the ken of the Lidless Eye of Sauron the Maia, wiser now than in the days of yore. The Barad-dûr looms large as a shadow blotching a bleeding heavens, bitter from root to crown with a hatred undying and an unslaked thirst for conquest of all Middle-earth and the folk who dwell therein. Would any mortal dare come nearer this glaring bale with the craft to wreak destruction across the breadth of all the known lands of Men? Surely that way lies madness . . .
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