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Bombermine. Large scrolling addictive multi-player version of Bomberman.
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Very laggy for me; my toon was constantly jumping around the screen and I was being rubber-banded back into positions I had already left, resulting in deaths.

Love Bomberman, but this seems to need a bit of work
posted by never used baby shoes at 7:51 AM on February 28, 2013

The real challenge appears to be coming up with a username that isn't taken.
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needs to come to ipad & iphone!!
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Played a few minutes of this yesterday; it's pretty neat if the lag isn't killing you, of which I had mixed results. My main issue with it is that it's a very clever idea but I'm not sure what if anything they're doing with the giant pile of players. If you just love love love Bomberman melee it probably doesn't need to do anything else than what it does, but it seems like there could be some interesting emergent gameplay if they e.g. factionalized players into teams that could then self-organize to try and manage the state of the map, establish fronts, etc.
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I love this idea, lots of fun, but too much lag right now.
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At first I read this as Bomber Mine, like Enemy Mine.
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If it's too laggy - try the European servers maybe. They're not laggy at all for me.
posted by zoo at 11:57 AM on February 28, 2013

SNES Bomberman remains the best Bomberman ever. I have a complete SNES setup with 4 original controllers plus replacements for that reason.
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I was just coming in to say that 4-Player Super Bomberman was one of the best party games ever when I was that age, and I bet it still would be now. This helps capture that a bit, awesome!!!
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My vote for 'Best Bomberman Ever,' not that you asked, goes to the Sega Saturn one. Multitaps! Characters from other Hudson games! Dinosaurs!
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While my best personal multiplayer experiences with Bomberman were with the first N64 game - particularly the secret levels - the Saturn one is usually held up as the best. I finally have it but haven't gotten a chance to play with folks yet. The multitaps were important.

Interestingly, a while ago a free cellphone Bomberman game was released where 100 bombermen fight at once, though I don't think it let you play with other humans.
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Love it. (The lag doesn't seem bad right now, but it's kind of late.) A friend of mine still breaks out the Saturn version pretty regularly for group play, but by the time that happens, I'm often too inebriated to keep track of my little dude, trap him in a corner, and die a horrible self-inflicted death. Again.
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We played lots of Super Bomberman once upon a time. Fun fact: the shortest time a round can last is two seconds. We know this because of the numerous occasions where all the players bombed themselves out right at the start. We all knew better than to do that, but it still didn't stop us from doing it once in a while.
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