To die for
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Behold Jennifer Asperheim's dice collection.
Look at Joe Barberchecheck's dice collection.
Ogle Justin Michell's dice collection.
[WARNING pictures of thousands of dice, I wouldn't visit on anything other than a desktop machine.]
Bonus: World’s Oldest d20.
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You definitely get the Tag Award™ for February.
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Average GenCon haul.
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Which one is the Lucky One?
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I was brought dangerously close to acquiring this habit. Great collections!
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Just found this one of Joe's way down in row 270 sitting all lonely looking.
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I don't have a desktop machine! Is this really going to kill my laptop?
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I used to work at the comic book store for a city of 35k, that was the nearest city for 20 miles of densely populated suburbs. We sold comics, true, and also baseball cards... but we also sold RPGs. This means we needed to sell dice. This meant I got to pick out which dice to sell, and the owner sent all of the free samples my way.

I played World of Darkness, so by the end of my tenure, I had a D10 collection. Man, my D10 collection... every conceivable ten sided shape that would land with an even chance on all ten sides, I had in my collection. Round and bulbous D&D style D10's. Angular, sharp, top-like D10's. Skinny, narrow cylindrical D10's. Perfectly spherical internally weighted D10's. In crystal poly. In wood. In celluloid. In metal. In stone. With numbers, with pips, with roman numerals. I was up to my nards in pentagonal trapezohedrons.

Then I discovered tabletop wargaming, more specifically the historical ancient armies of WRG's De Bellis Antiquitatis and DBM. To this very day, I'll sometimes pick an army from the DBM list, and research the hell out of the culture it was from.

"Any nation that can inspire the proverb "as stupid as a Pecheneg", yet which can reply to a Byzantine emperor's attempt to set them on the Turks with the polite message that "since the Turks are both numerous and fierce we do not wish to do so, and furthermore, we hope he will be so tactful as never to mention the matter again", has something to be said for it." - DBM List Book 3

It, sadly, required only six sided die. So I acquired an impressive collection of those. Cubes, double pyramids, internally weighted spheres, polygonal cylinders... I had them all wih my D10's in a gigantic velvet pouch, which I lose every time I move, only to rediscover a month before I move again. I haven't seen it since last March.
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Bought some Gamescience dice from Lou Zocchi a couple of weeks ago at OwlCon. He had all kinds of stories to tell about the development of some of the more unusual dice (especially the d5).

While I usually like learning all kinds of little minutiae like this, I have to admit that his stories started to lose my attention after the first dozen or so...
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I am experiencing serious existential dice envy.
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If you're into that sort of thing, actor/magician/historian Ricky Jay has a collection of decaying cellulose dice on permanent exhibit at The Museum of Jurassic Technology.
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If you want the truly huge (like, World Record-holding huge) dice collection, check the site that hosts all the above: Kevin Cook's Dice But seriously, it will take a long while to load. He also has a very long thread on RPGnet where he answers questions about dice.
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Strangely enough, elementary and high schools love to use dice for math problems but refuse to use their name, cause I don't know? Something something gambling?

So I sat staring at my daughter's work sheet for a long time, trying to figure out what "dot cubes" were and why they thought I might possibly have some already.
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Anyone know if Jennifer Asperheim sells dice? I couldn't tell from clicking the link.
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Heh. Just last night I bought some dice off of E-Bay to use in a Basic D&D campaign with my sons. I'm still not sure what happened to my old dice bag and it's stunningly ordinary contents.
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I have a small box of childhood keepsakes in the basement. Included amongst my baby blanket, old photo albums and other such things is the dice bag my mom made for me in grade 6, with all of my original dice in it.
That's staying with me until the day I die. Or until my daughter takes an interest in table-top gaming.
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I swear to God, if every die I have ever had pinched, appropriated, mixed into someone else's bag, eaten by cats, vacuumed up or otherwise lost came back to me, all at once, I am sure I could give these dudes a run for their money.

Once I clawed my way out of the heap and had any broken bones set, that is.
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This one caught my eye. Does anyone know what it's for?
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Opaque Ivory with Black 50 sided Die, numbered 0-49 (d50)
This IS NOT a die
This item is not designed to function independently as a die - the smooth surface renders it IMPOSSIBLE to land in a 'fixed position' that clearly indicates a numerical value. Even if the surface were properly riveted or beveled, the close proximity of the numbers make it virtually impossible to identify the number on which the die landed.
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a unnecessary die
i just bought this because i collect dice i dont really see any other use for it.It is cool though and exactly what it says it is.
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